Abuse of Paracetamol Could Cause Liver, Kidney Failures – Expert

A doctor at Ilorin University Hospital, Gbenga Adebusoye, warned that the abuse of paracetamol in general and as meat softner, in particular, can lead to liver and kidney failure.

Adebusoye gave the warning in a telephone interview with the Nigeria News Agency on Thursday.

He said that drugs are chemical substances and should not be taken lightly and, when abused, can be toxic to the human system and endanger lives.

According to him, the abuse of paracetamol leads to rapid liver damage, which can cause acute liver damage that can result in a liver failure that cannot be managed, except for a liver transplant.

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The medical expert said that paracetamol should not be used to soften the meat and for any other purpose, in addition to its clinical use and the specified dosage, as its abuse is highly harmful to health.

He said the drugs are usually stored in places with cold temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

He said that if the drugs were not stored properly and left in places with a high temperature, the act could damage the drug’s content, making it less potent.

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And with the possibility of chemical reactions that can be dangerous and harmful, turning the drug from a useful substance to a harmful one, he said.

Adebusoye, therefore, advised people to give up drug abuse in general, as it could be fatal.

It was reported that some food suppliers in the country are fond of using paracetamol tablets to soften hard meat.

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Yet, others use spoons, nails and potassium for cooking food which is not hygienic or proper in any way.

Some food vendors in Jos denied using paracetamol to make their meats soft, but some admitted to the usage of potassium to tenderize Cowhide, generally known as Ponmo and also to cook hard beans.


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