Agofure Motors Price List, Terminals, Contacts, Bookings & Tickets

If you are looking for how to book Agofure motors for your next trip, this article contains everything you need. This is including the current Agofure Motors Price List, Terminal locations, bookings, and so on.

About G. Agofure Motors

G. Agofure Motors which is also referred to as GAM or Agofure Motors is one of the private transport companies in Nigeria. They offer different kinds of transport services at affordable rates. Agofure Motors convey passengers from one city to another as well as state to state.

Some of the major routes and cities plied by Agofure Motors include Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, Kano, Umuhia, Jos, and so on. The transport company headquarter is currently located at 154/158 P.T.I Road in Effurun, Warri, Delta State.

Also, G. Agofure Motors uses various fleets for the transportation of their customers. They include Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, Scania Irizar, Scania Marcopolo, and so on. These fleets are highly comfortable as they are air-conditioned. Means of entertainment and meals are also provided during long trips.

These fleets are used in offering transport services like Inter-city/ Inter-state transport, Courier services, Warehousing services, haulage services, and so on. Below is detailed information about some of Agofure Motors’ services.

Agofure Motors
Agofure Motors Price List, Terminals, and so on

Agofure Motors Logistics and Courier Services

Among the services offered by this indigenous transport company is the Logistics and Courier Services. Many business owners use Agofure Motors to deliver their goods to customers. So, you can also make use of their services by going to their nearest terminal with your goods.

Agofure Motors Warehousing Services

G. Agofure Motors also offers warehousing services to various exporters and importers who need a place to house their goods. They allow storage of goods at affordable prices depending on the good sizes and period of housing. Visit the nearest terminal close to you to learn more about their warehousing services.

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Agofure Motors Haulage Services

Do you have goods you need to transport within Nigeria and outside the country? G. Agofure Motors also offer haulage services to different business owners and individuals at a cheaper price. You can visit their terminal to book their haulage services.

Having talked about the different services offered by G. Agofure Motors. Let’s take a look at how to book a ticket as well as G. Agofure Motors Price List.

G. Agofure Motors Online Bookings and Tickets

For now, G. Agofure motors online booking for tickets is unavailable. You can only book trip tickets by visiting the nearest terminals close to you.

Agofure Motors Price List

Below is the current G. Agofure Motors Price List. Even though we have taken our time to compile the current G. Agofure Motors Price List.

From Port Harcourt to Other Destinations

  • Port Harcourt to Awka is ₦1,460
  • Port Harcourt to Calabar is ₦2,000
  • Port Harcourt to Enugu is ₦1,560
  • Port Harcourt to Onitsha is ₦1,300
  • Port Harcourt to Owerri is ₦810
  • Port Harcourt to Warri is ₦1,560  

From Owerri to Other Destinations

  • Owerri to Enugu is ₦1,060
  • Owerri to Onitsha is ₦660
  • Owerri to PHC is ₦1,800
  • Owerri to Warri is ₦1,960

From Warri to Other Destination 

  • Warri to Awka is ₦1,250
  • Warri to PHC is ₦1,550
  • Warri to Owerri is ₦1,950
  • Warri to Umuahia is ₦2,050

From Uyo to Other Destinations

  • Uyo to Enugu is ₦1,650
  • Uyo to Owerri is ₦1,400
  • Uyo to PHC is ₦1,250
  • Uyo to Umuahia is ₦950
  • Uyo to Warri is ₦2,650

From Calabar to Other Destinations

  • Calabar to Enugu is ₦2,100
  • Calabar to PHC is ₦2,000
  • Calabar to Owerri is ₦1,900
  • Calabar to Umuahia is ₦1,600
  • Calabar to Warri is ₦3,700

List of G. Agofure Motors Terminals in Nigeria

Now that we have listed the G. Agofure Motors Price list, below are the terminals you can visit to book your trip with.

1. Asaba Terminal

Physical Address: Ibusa Road, Opposite Nira Group Of Companies, Asaba, Delta State
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

2. Enugu Terminal

Physical Address: By Ogbete Main Market, Holy Ghost, Enugu State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

3. Maza-maza Terminal

Physical Address: Km 23 Badagry Expressway, Maza Maza, Lagos State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

4. Mile 2 Terminal

Physical Address: Beside Signal Barracks, Mile 2, Oke, Lagos State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

5. Ojota Terminal

Physical Address: By Texaco Filling Station, Ojota, Lagos State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

6. Volkswagen Terminal

Physical Address: Volkswagen Bus Stop, Lagos State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

7. Abule-Egba Terminal

Physical Address: Abulegba Bus Stop, Lagos.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

8. Jibowu Terminal

Physical Address: Jibowu, Lagos State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

9. Water Lines Terminal

Physical Address: Aba Expressway, Waterline Junction, Olu Obasanjo Road, Opposite. Prudent Bank, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

10. Oil Mills Terminal

Physical Address: By Oil Mill Market, Eleme Junction, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

11. Choba Terminal

Physical Address: Uniport Bus Stop, Behind Mr. Biggs, Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Contacts: 08063922418, 08078176536

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G. Agofure Motors Price list is affordable and cheap but most customers complain about services rendered. You can read previous customers’ reviews.

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  1. You Know Bus fare changes from time to time so we recommend you call any of the Lagos bus terminal closest to you to ascertain the current price. They have terminals at Maza-maza Terminal
    Mile 2 Terminal
    Ojota Terminal
    Volkswagen Terminal
    Abule-Egba Terminal
    Jibowu Terminal
    The official phone number for each bus terminal is listed in the article above. Numbered 4 to 8 respectively.

  2. No Sir, Agofure neither conveys passengers from Yenegoa to Port Harcourt nor Port Harcourt to Yenegoa as the distance between the two cities is a short distance costing nothing more than 700.

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  5. Hello, please can you connect me to someone i can talk to at your park pti warri. The three numbers I saw online is not active. Someone helped me to send a waybill from Bayelsa to Warri up till now the receiver has not gotten it. Its has been a month plus now. I’m in Owerri

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