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List of All Foreign Embassies in Nigeria

Are you searching for the list of Embassies in Nigeria whether in Abuja or Lagos? This article contains the list of all Foreign Embassies in Nigeria with their physical address and other contact details like phone numbers. About Foreign Embassies and Consulates Foreign Embassies are tools for international relations where diplomatic missions are placed in

How To Apply For Canada Visa from Nigeria

Have you been browsing over the night looking for ways to apply for Canada Visa from Nigeria? If yes, then count yourself lucky as this article will vividly explain the surefire ways involved. Of course, one of the highly sought countries average Nigerians want to visit is Canada. With her world-class universities and stable economy,

All About New Nigeria International E-Passport.

THE NEW NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL NEW E-PASSPORT. Thanks to technology, it is now easy to get Nigeria’s international passport done online via the Nigeria Immigration Portal [NIP]. This passport is known as Nigeria international e-passport and it is of two types namely; official and standard e-passport. This document can also be processed at the physical Nigeria

How To Get A Yellow Card in Nigeria

The Federal Government in its efforts to protect the purchase and selling of fake yellow cards in Nigeria has continued to change the process of getting the card every year. For now, applying for a yellow card in Nigeria is done electronically and online. Do you intend to travel out of Nigeria soon? It’s important

How to Travel Abroad From Nigeria

Average Nigerian Citizen really wants to travel out of the country. The year is running already, how many years that you have been dreaming about traveling out of Nigeria? That’s rhetoric, anyways! Reasons why people travel out of Nigeria aplenty. Some travel abroad to advance their study, some for business purposes, some travel to tour