‘APC 2023 Presidential Ticket Will Come to Southwest’

Olufemi Bamidele Adebanjo represents the federal constituency of Alimosho, Lagos State, in the House of Reps. In this brief meeting, he speaks with Omolara Akintoye in the 2023 presidency, his opinion on Amotekun, godfather and his contributions to his constituency, among other issues.

This is his second term in the House; how has it been so far?

It has not been easy. I was somewhere two hours ago and met a man who approached me; he said he has no money and is starving. I said that we will pray to God. Aregbesola, when he was a commissioner in Lagos, says that all the money from the state of Lagos cannot fix the roads in the state of Lagos. The money I have, if I distribute it wisely, no one will receive up to five thousand naira. We can only do our best.

What supervisory laws and functions have you been involved in from the beginning until now?

The supervisory functions are too many, there are more than one hundred. I am not going into supervisory roles unless it is important. I belong to more than three commissions. I’m on the House Services Committee, Down Stream Oil, Public Accounts, Industry / Niger Delta etc. As a member, you cannot say anything other than the President; you cannot argue with him.

I recently moved a motion on machines that destroy human beings. Most of the trailers brought to the country are obsolete. When a container falls, the flat belt is not there. Our roads are very bad and the trailers fall when the roads are not good. The government should not allow any trucks for more than ten years in the country. A woman lost her life in Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos recently, because the flat belt was not locked properly; therefore, customs must not release all trucks over ten years old to reach Nigeria. I appreciate Dangote. I lived in the USA for 17 years and there is no problem with that there.

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Do you see the APC presidential ticket reaching the southwest in 2023?

By the grace of God, it’s coming to the southwest.

Can we still have an election in Nigeria like June 12?

Yes, “Abiola was the voice of the population, but not of God”. If God had destined him, he would have been the president, but it was not to be.

What is your opinion on the godfather issue?

In Nigeria, we call them godfather, in American it is called super delegate. If you can convince the Super Delegate, that’s fine, if you can’t, then you get in trouble. As a politician, you are loyal to your party. You don’t say everything you see, else you are in trouble. If you can manage human beings, you manage your mouth.

Are you supporting Amotekun?

I support Amotekun; I just don’t see difference between OPC (Oodua Peoples Congress) and Amotekun, unless they employ good hands and lead them to training, will be 75% illiterate. I support them, but I don’t see how they will act if they have to be trained by security agents, without training, they will make mistakes. Yoruba people need protection, they agreed, but they need to be trained. When you acquire men, you must train them in the same way that you train Police, Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. You must train Amotekun people in this way. The most difficult thing about security is corruption.

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A few days ago, you showed up at the first 2020 constituency meeting in Alimosho, your constituency; what was the outcome of the meeting?

First of all, we hold this meeting regularly at the end of the month due to circumstances; it is always regular. This time, we distribute money so that people in our constituency can feel our impact. We also do free medical examinations for people and they receive free medication; there are many other things.

Can you give us an assessment of your first term as a representative of the Alimosho federal constituency?

Law number one is the budget, in any legislature, which is law number one. We pass bills that have become law. I have a budget for voters. What we can bring to our constituency;.

I distributed tricycles, grinding machines, sewing machines and so on and distributed them to my people. I talked with electrical workers at PHCN or Ikeja about transformers. We need 250 transformers and at that meeting they were frank with me; in Ghana, if you go there, they have meters in huts.

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I went to Fashola last week on the subject and he told me bluntly that some of the contractors will not have their contract renewal.

In Abuja, I struggled with the electricity authorities for estimated bills. Every three months, my bills reach fifty thousand naira. You wonder how this electricity company reaches that value every month because, as we speak, the government is forcing them to produce details of the data they use.

Speaking of Obasanjo’s regime, there was damage to Nigerians; they didn’t give it to the people who are going to generate light, the transformers were taken elsewhere. I want to bring transformers to my constituency so that my people can feed their homes and machines. No less than N100m will enter the project.

What is your advice for young people in your constituency?

First, they must pray for this country to improve. Very soon, I will step down. Our young people need to pray.

The CVs I have are more than 500. Maybe in one year, I can help just five; therefore, five times four is equal to twenty in four years. When you give me your CV, I will tell you to fast and pray. Only God can do that, let’s cry to him.


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