Katsina to Partner FG, NGOs to Remove Almajiri From Streets


On Sunday, in a bid to remove Almajiri from the streets, the Katsina state government released plans to partner with non-governmental organizations, NGOs and the federal government to take street children off the streets from begging for alms by formalizing the Islamic education system.

State Governor Aminu Bello Masari made the above disclosure while hosting an Islamic sect called ‘Maj’ mau Durqu Rufiyaa’, saying he sees no reason for a child to be left by his parents in unknown destinations in search of knowledge and at the same time endangering his life, considering that it is the sole responsibility of his parents to take care of him.

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The Governor also emphasized the need to restructure the Almajiri education system in the state, making student statistics and determining their status while introducing Western knowledge, particularly math and English classes.

He said that “children sent to Islamic schools from their homes will not benefit from the scheme, but the ones we are targeting are those who left their villages and states, they are the ones who needs the intervention. We want to introduce them to English and math so they can learn to learn skills as they grow up. “

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“The essence is to change the narrative in the state that more than 900,000 children are out of school. We will make evaluations of several schools to know who is not from the state and who is indigenous. “

In urging the sect to support the program, seeing the light of day, he noted that education is the key to a successful life, adding that the precarious situation the state found itself in was the result of illiteracy and drug abuse, hence the need for Muslim Clerics to face the challenge facing them.

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He said: “As a leader, you have great roles to play with teachers in their respective schools, drawing their attention to this. No one will receive money, other than the food that will be shared, and only those that are there will be given. “

Previously, the sect’s leader, Sheik Abubakar Caranci, thanked the governor for the warm welcome and expressed plans to unite his followers and carry out important projects, including education, health services, among others.


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