Full Biography & Net Worth Of Arthur Eze: Nigerian Oil Mogul

Who is Arthur Eze? Biography & Net Worth Of Arthur Eze? Arthur Eze is the CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, he is a businessman, politician, philanthropist, and also he is the richest Igbo man in Nigeria currently. He is also rated as one of the richest men in Africa clinching the 8th spot.

His oil company Atlas Oranto Petroleum is the largest privately-owned exploration and production group in Nigeria, he is popularly called “ozoigbondu” by his kinsmen of Igboland.

There is no doubt about it that the oil sector has the biggest money, it is for the rich and strong players of which Authur Eze is among but little is being known about this wealthy man this is why we have taken our time to write on the biography and net worth of Arthur Eze.

Before diving deep into the topic, let us glance through the oil mogul profile:

Arthur Eze Profile

Full Name:Prince Arthur Eze
Date of Birth:27th, November 1948
Place of Birth:Ukpo
State of Origin:Anambra State
Native language:Igbo
Marital to:N/A
Children:Onyeka Eze, Olisa Eze
Occupation:Oil businessman & Politician
Net worth:$5.8 billion

Now, let us go into details, below we have provided more information about the biography and net worth of Arthur Eze, read on.

Early Profile

Arthur Eze was born into a royal family on the 27th of November 1948 in a village called “Ukpo” in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State in the South-Eastern region of Nigeria.

His brother is the current King of Ukpo Village in Anambra, the influence of his father helped to uplift him. He is also very educated.

Arthur Eze is one of the richest men in Nigeria and is the richest in the South Eastern region of Nigeria.


Arthur Eze had his elementary education of which after he attended St. Augustin Secondary School in Nkwere in Imo state. As he is from a wealthy and royal family he was opportune to travel out of the country to continue his studies.

Around 1974 – 1978 he attended California State University, Long Beach, California USA, and bagged his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, this has been one of the reasons why he is very much interested in Oil.

As Nigeria is a country abundantly blessed with crude oil, it gives him the opportunity to invest in it and make a positive impact in society while also making riches for himself.


Arthur Eze is happily married and blessed with children, though the number of his children are not made known to the public.

One of his children is Olisa Eze and also we know of another who bears Onyeka Eze who is known to be the founder and CEO of Prince Osisioma Foundation.

A lot is not made public about his family, as a wealthy man, there is a need to be discrete about the family and other private matters.

Businesses and Investments

Arthur Eze is involved in many businesses of which few are known to us, here are some of what made him what he is today:

1. Atlas Oranto Petroleum

In 1991, Arthur Eze founded a petroleum company called “Atlas Oranto Petroleum”, one of the largest oil companies in Africa as he possesses over 22 oil and gas licenses from around 12 locations in Africa.

The company has its assets mostly in Nigeria and other African countries like Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, UK, Liberia, Uganda, and in some other countries which made the company the biggest oil exploration block holder in Africa as at the time this article was published.

With its technical office located in Lagos and headquarters in Abuja Nigeria, the company has its regional offices all across strategic cities in West Africa.

Not abandoning his family line, most of the Eze royal family members have shares in Atlas Oranto and stocks.

2. Triax Airlines

This is another one out of the companies owned by Prince Arthur Eze, Triax Airlines was established in 1992 right after the establishment of Atlas Oranto Petroleum.

The airline due to some government policies wasn’t able to be a success, the Nigerian government deregulated airlines in Nigeria then which affected some.

We cannot solely attribute the downfall of Triax Airlines to the government alone but seems the location where it is situated isn’t friendly enough for such business, it was established with its base in Enugu Airport with just three Boeing 727 planes.

Sadly the company stopped functioning in the year 2000 and Arthur Eze placed his focus on other businesses.

3. Arthur Eze and Politics

On a normal ground, this cannot be considered as a business but we are talking about Nigeria where politics is seen as a business center. Arthur Eze due to the past donations he has always made to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which is one of the leading political parties in Nigeria made him have a say in the party.

He has constantly donated over $100 million in support of the party and the politicians with party members in Anambra State. We all know this will favor his business as long as the party remains in power.

As a businessman with foresight, Arthur Eze also supported other big political parties and politicians, this has been the strategy of wealthy people across the world, an example is Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

It was made known that the ruling party in the Eastern region which easterners love to vote for “All Progressive Grand Alliance” (APGA) was formed right in Arthur Eze’s room. Though most Easterners are trying their best to clean their region of godfatherism Arthur Eze is a force to reckon with as far as economy and politics are concerned.

Awards & Recognition

For a person of high influence on the country’s economy, it is certain that Arthur Eze will have won a lot of awards to his name, and the biography and net worth of Arthur Eze wouldn’t have been cool without these.

  • Adoption into the Ndigbo Lagos Patron Hall of Fame at his 70th birthday and also made the Patron of Ndigbo Lagos.
  • A major road in Ebonyi State was named after Arthur Eze by Dr. Umahi the Governor of the state.
  • The Governor of Ebonyi State, Dr. Umahi, appointed Arthur Eze as the Chancellor of Ebonyi State University.
  • Award with the ‘Officer of the Federal Republic (OFR)’ in recognition of his contribution to the nation’s economy by the Ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
  • He was named “Outstanding Citizen of the World” in 2015 by the Enugu City Centre Rotary District 9142.
  • Zik Leadership Awards in the Business category in 2018.

Aside from the listed awards and recognitions, he has numerous awards conferred on him both in Nigeria and outside of the country.

Net Worth

Arthur Eze’s present net worth is estimated to be over $5.8 billion with his shares and assets, his wealth is attributed to earnings from his companies.

How much is Arthur Eze net worth?

Arthur Eze net worth is currently estimated to be over $5.8 billion with his shares and assets, his wealth is attributed to earnings from his companies