Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria and Their Net Worth

The Comedy Industry has produced a lot of rich men and today, we will be sharing with you the list of the 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that these Comedians act flippant and unserious on stage, it literally changed their lifestyle.

Unlike the ancient days when Comedians are written off a prestigious life, the reverse is the case during this age. Below is the list of the richest comedians in Nigeria who made fortunes from their innate talents.

List of The Richest Comedians in Nigeria With Their Net Worth.

1. Ali Baba

Net Worth: N3 Billion

Out of the list of all Comedians in Nigeria, Ali Baba(stage name) is the richest comedian in Nigeria. Ali Baba has been in the industry for over 30 years and he’s one of the oldest Comedians in Nigeria. Due to his impact on the industry, he is tagged as”the father of modern comedy in Nigeria.

Unknown to many, his real name is Atunyola Alleluya Akpomobere. According to Forbes, he’s currently worth 3 Billion Naira including his 300M worth mansion in Lekki and all other assets. He charges #4 million for an event and he organizes shows or events twice weekly.

Ali Baba is one of the talented Comedians in Nigeria. He has acted on stage in front of many dignitaries and Influential people like Governors, Presidents, and so on.

Apart from being a Comedian, Ali Baba is a motivational speaker and also has other streams of business he runs.

2. A.Y

Net Worth: N2.5 Billion

A.Y as popularly called is the 2nd Nigeria richest Comedian with 2.5 billion naira as his net worth. Ayodeji Richard Mayokun known as A.Y widely is one of the top-earning Comedians.

Ayo charges about 2m for a show or event. He’s also an actor with many best-selling movies including his “Jamaica”, “30 days in Atlanta” and so on.

He has won many awards for being an expert at what he does. He also has many endorsements deals with different brands. He’s the owner of A.Y Live, an uncensored platform that adds to his fame. Apart from being a Comedian, he owns an event company and an MVP Club.

3. Basketmouth

Net Worth: N2 Billion

Basketmouth as popularly known on stage bears Bright Okpocha in real life. His net worth is #2 billion including his numerous deals with Globacom, Amstel Malta brand, and so on.

He’s one of the most talented comedians with a good sense of fashion. Bright who is known as Basketmouth charged 2m for shows or events. He has held similar shows in far places like America, South Africa, and many other far locations.

He’s known for throwing his fans and audience into rolls of laughter whenever he is on stage. He earns about 192 million annually excluding his endorsement deals.

4. I Go Die

Net Worth: N1.8 billion

Francis Agoda is a stand-up Comedian-actor with the stage name I Go Die. I Go Die as popularly known is worth a whopping sum of #1.8 billion.

He became popular after his participation in Opa Williams Night of thousand laughs. He charges about 1.5 to 2 million per event.

Apart from being one of the funniest comedians in Nigeria, he’s also the CEO of Revamp Construction Company, which doubles as a construction and real estate company. He’s also an ambassador to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. I Go Die, hence made the list of richest comedians in Nigeria.

5. Julius Agwu

Net Worth: N1.5 Billion

Julius Agwu is one of the oldest and richest comedians in Nigeria. He has been in the industry for over 30 years. He started Comedy with the likes of Ali Baba, even though he was distracted by a lot of things including acting.

He’s a mentor to many of the talented comedians in Nigeria including Basketmouth. Julius Agwu whose net worth is estimated to be #1.5 billion charges 1-2 million nairas for organizing events and shows.

Apart from being a Comedian, he’s a renowned writer who makes about #20 million from his books after launching, annually.

6. Okey Bassi

Net Worth: N800 million

Okechuckwu Anthony with the stage name Okey Bassi hails from Imo state in Nigeria. Apart from being a Comedian, he’s an MC, TV presenter, actor, and politician.

He organizes shows for top politicians and gets paid handsomely for it. Being a politician, he once served as a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Imo State on Entertainment. Okey Bassi is estimated to be worth #800 million.

7. Bovi

Net Worth: N600 million

One of the most popular and talented comedians is Abovi Ugboma who is popularly known as Bovi. Bovi’s financial worth is estimated to be 600 million including his cars, mansions, and endorsement deals.

He’s one of the top-earning comedians in Nigeria. Bovi hails from Benin City in Edo, Nigeria. He has organized shows and events which contributed to his popularity.

8. Gbenga Adeyinka

Net Worth: N500 million

This is also one of the richest comedians in Nigeria with a whopping financial worth of 500 million. Nigeria’s richest comedian is a graduate of Lagos state university where he studies the English language.

Apart from being a comedian, Gbenga is an award-winning Nollywood actor who hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State. Gbenga being talented boasts and calls himself the Comedian of the Federal Republic(CFR). He’s also the CEO of the “Laffmattaz” show which makes millions whenever it is aired. Gbenga also has other lines of business he is in.

9. Gordon

Net Worth: N400 million

Gordon is also one of the richest comedians in Nigeria. Forbes estimated his financial worth to be #400 million. He’s also one of the talented comedians in Nigeria who became popular through Opa William’s Night of a thousand laugh.

10. Akpororo

Net Worth: N350 million

The last comedian on our list of top 10 richest comedians in Nigeria is Akpororo. Akpororo’s net worth is estimated to be #350 million.

He is very talented and only organized high-profile shows with many dignitaries in attendance. He’s also one of the comedians who gets invited to churches for shows.

The above-mentioned richest comedians in Nigeria show that no talents are useless. With creative talent, consistency, and determination, you are bound to succeed.