ATM Thief Arrested In Possession Of 10 ATM Cards

A 29-year old primary school drop-out was arrested while in possession of 10 ATM cards as well as a total amount of N678,000 which was discovered to have been withdrawn from the account of one Mr. Ekhitomwem Aghama. Upon Arrest, he confessed to using the ATM machines to steal from Bank customers.

The need to know what to Steps To Secure Your Bank Account is important and needed by all. Adetunji, who hails from Osogbo, Osun State made thus confession after he met his waterloo in the hands of the police at Benin, Edo State. The suspect said that he came upon Mr. Ekhitomwem at the ATM machine of a bank along Sapele Road, Benin. 

The suspect was quoted as saying:


I pretended that it wanted to make use of the ATM machine after Mr. Ekhitomwem’s turn, and then I intentionally threw my phone to the ground. Mr. Aghama was trying to help me, but while he was at it, I checked the cardless button on the machine. He didn’t know that I had pressed the cardless button, so he felt that the ATM had withheld his card., thereafter, he went to seek help from the Bank workers. It was at that moment I removed it from the cardless transaction and took out his ATM card. I was able to get his ATM pin during the time I was pretending to help him and I later withdrew 678,000 from his bank account before the police tracked me down”. 

Mr. Ekhitomwem said he had to go to inform his bank so that his account would be blocked but was shocked that 20,000 had been withdrawn from his account. On his next visit to the bank, his ATM was still not blocked. A week later, he said that his brother who lives overseas had paid 600,000 into his account that week, all of which was withdrawn by Adesina. 

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