2 Steps To Secure Your Bank Account When Card Is Stolen

Bank Account ATM Card

The need to secure your bank information is very important, but often, happenstance occurs and you lost or misplace your ATM card. you can only trust yourself with your bank information and in such need to take some actions to secure your bank account as your ATM can be used to access your money.  However, there’s no need to panic anymore when you lost your ATM card, stolen or you suspect any fraudulent activity on it. This little information enough will help you keep your account safe.

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1- Run To The Bank To Block Your Card

If your card is missing, stolen or you suspect any operation, not from you, the very first step is to block the card by either visiting the bank or calling your bank customer care number to quickly notify them of the happening and they will surely help you secure your account from any external transaction.

It is wise that you know and has your bank customer care line off-hand or on your mobile like every other contact.

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You will only be required to provide a few details like your card number when you visit the bank, in a case where you don’t have the card number, the bank can easily find out your card number using your account number, email or even your mobile number.

2- Use USSD Code To Block The Card by Yourself

Sometimes one could lose his or her ATM card, or probably stolen and the bank you operate might not be available in your current location. Still don’t there is another way round.

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You can easily make use of USSD by just dialing the following code **966*911#* from any mobile phone at your reach.

This will prompt you to provide account details of the stolen card and will grant you access to quickly block the account from any further transaction.

Remember you must never share your card details with a stranger, be careful also the kind of information you supply online when filling any form.

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