10 Benefits of Rooting an Android Device: Xposed & Magisk

10 Benefits of Rooting an Android Device: Xposed & Magisk

We have thousands of benefits gained from rooting our android devices, ranging from you being able to install environments like Xposed Framework or Magisk Systemless Framework, though in this article we are only taking you through the basic “10 Benefits of Rooting an Android Device”.

As we all know Android is the most versatile, open and customizable mobile OS in the world.

With your android device you got the world to your hands and you can tweak your way out of every blockage.

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Without taking much of our time I will list to you what you can benefit from rooting your device.

Benefits of Rooting an Android Phone

1. Boost Phone Speed:

With a rooted device you can easily boost your phone speed, apps like L Speed and CPU boost, Terminal Emulator Network Boost will come in handy with this.

L Speed Android Performance Optimizer and Battery Saver allows you to optimize your mobile process and also saves your battery.

2. Block Annoying Adverts:

You can block annoying adverts displaying on your phone with a rooted device, you need make use of these apps AdFree, AdBlock plus and Ad Away.

3. Backup Your Device:

You can backup your device easily when rooted, in case you flashed any zip file or installed any malware app; with these backups you can gain your last best performance back.

Twrp recovery and Titanium Backup comes handy here.

4. Remove Bloatware:

Bloatwares are pre-installed apps and most of them are useless, so you might want to remove a bloatware. System app remover (root needed) comes in handy here.

5. Flash a Custom ROM:

You can easily flash any custom ROM to enjoy more android features, also in case you have a boot issue the ability to flash without a computer is so cool.

6. Use Lucky Patcher to Unlock Apps Pro Features:

When rooted you can unlock many free installed app pro version by patching it up with Lucky Patcher just to make available the pro features instead of wasting your money.

7. Install Kali Linux Nethunter:

For aspiring hackers or pro hackers you don’t need to have a laptop to become an hacker, when you are rooted you can install Kali Linux on your device and do any pen-testing job.

8.  Increase Ram:

If your phone comes with a low ram, for the fact that you are rooted you have nothing to worry about, you can easily extend your RAM to make your device more faster using free space from your SDCard. ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) comes in handy.

9. Move Apps to SDCard:

This is one function I love about being rooted, if you are using a low end Android device then you can move your Apps especially high memory consuming apps to you SDCard easily.

Hence more space are created on the Internal Storage and the phone runs Smoothly. Link2SD comes in handy here.

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10. Change Android Device ID:

This is a unique id for your android phone which tells google or websites your device details.

You might want to use a particular app more than once, they can easily track you from your android mobile device but if you change your android mobile device id then you can use the app as much as you want.

With these 10 points on the benefits of rooting an Android device I am sure you now know if you gonna root your phone or not, there are countless of possibilities attached to it so you have the world on your palms.


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