Best iPad To Buy This Year: Best Prices

Talking about the best Apple tablets which are popularly known as Apple iPad, most people do not know the best iPad to choose and that is why we have written this article.

Whoever is about to buy an iPad, does not lose by waiting for the technological revolution in his life. This is because the device is one of the most versatile on the market and can be used for the most diverse activities.

Designers, writers, data managers and even DJ’s find in iPad a technological companion that facilitates professional activities. For those looking for an iPad for fun, you won’t be disappointed either.

With quality processors, good screen, good memory and other good components, iPads are also great for drawing, watching series and movies, reading books, playing games, among other tasks.

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So, buying an iPad is definitely a hit. The big problem comes when choosing the ideal iPad.

That’s because Apple, a very well-established company in the technology market, has already launched several models that may or may not meet your needs.

In this article, we bring you a little of Apple’s history, some information to help you choose the ideal iPad and an exclusive list with the best iPad for each use. Check out!

Apple History

Apple was founded in 1976 in California by 3 young people: Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.

The team’s first project, the Apple I, was a computer that stopped selling in less than a year after it opened.

Although it was considered a hit in the history of the company, the Apple 1 did not make many sales and was just enough to keep the company during its marketing time.

However, it was a computer that developed very quickly, which also contributed to it being discontinued and giving rise to better and more developed technologies.

Over the years, the company grew up working on the development of computers and technological innovations that gradually won the hearts of Americans.

That’s because with the technological revolution of the 90’s, Apple was willing to deliver to the market what was not only of higher technological quality but also what was most disruptive to the market.

Thus, from 1998 to 2003, about 5 years ago, Apple had already developed and placed on the market some of the brand’s most famous products such as the first MacBook, a line of notebooks with excellent performance.

Also on the market were the iPods, a gadget for storing and playing music, an absolute success in sales for about 6 years.

The iPad

The launch of the famous iPads took place a few years later, in 2010.

They were designed to be tablets that aimed to give high-performance access to the user without necessarily needing a computer or notebook close to you.

Estimates indicate that by 2015 about 250 million iPads have been sold. That means huge success and great public acceptance.

Currently, iPads are synonymous with technological quality and of course, carry the commercial value that Apple has built over the years.

Why Choose an iPad?

There is no doubt that Apple is an excellent company. In this sense, the iPad follows the quality of other products of the brand.

Its main characteristic is what makes it a truly differentiated equipment, for sure, it is its operating system.

The iOS, unique operating system from Apple, super intuitive addition provides full integration between MacBooks, iPhones and iPads, which makes life much easier for those who are adept at technology in everyday life.

The retina display is also a differentiator that makes the iPad so worthwhile.

The great thing about this screen is that it was designed and patented by Apple itself and its main feature is the impossibility of identifying pixels from a certain distance.

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Access to the iPad is by fingerprint identification, the well-known Touch ID on the iPad Mini 4, conventional iPad and 10.5-inch iPad Pro models. For those who prefer the password in numbers, it is also possible to choose it.

As for the battery, another big difference in relation to the market: Apple promises up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use for the internet, to listen to music or even watch videos.

Battery life is greater when the iPad is connected to Wifi. Even so, via 3G the battery has high autonomy, reaching 9 hours of uninterrupted use.

To charge the battery, nothing new: it is possible to charge it via USB at an entry in the computer, or via an outlet with the device’s charger.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best iPad?

With so many models on the market today, choosing the ideal iPad for your use may not be a simple task.

That’s because in addition to the processing power of the iPad, memory and even its price count a lot when choosing.

It is important to be careful not to end up choosing an iPad that goes far beyond your needs or doesn’t even meet them.

To make a more conscious choice it is important to be aware of the following points:

Screen size

Depending on the use to be made of the iPad, the screen size is an extremely important point.

In the case of designers, for example, larger screens can be crucial for a good work development.

Apple presents iPad screens in inches. The iPad mini 4 is the smallest on the screen: 7.9 inches.

In the intermediate size is the conventional 9.7-inch iPad. The biggest screens are for the iPad Pro models that are available in 10.5 inches, 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

IPad Size

Another point that is also extremely important and is directly related to the screen is the size of the iPad.

In terms of thickness the equipment presents no problems, quite the contrary, they are impressive thin.

However, when it comes to height and width it is possible that the device will become a little uncomfortable.

Larger models of iPads are usually models that are uncomfortable when handling. Knowing this, Apple usually offers a keyboard and pen (sold separately) that make using the iPad easier.

For those who don’t need a giant screen or a bigger device, the smaller ones already do an excellent job. In general, normal lines for leisure and studies and the Pro line for professionals are recommended.

Storage capacity

Currently, there are iPads in the market with the most varied storage capacity. That is exactly why it is important to be aware.

This ability is what will determine the possibilities for applications, documents, photos and videos that you can store on your iPad.

The simplest iPad version available today is 32GB. The models with more storage are those of the Pro line, which have a maximum storage capacity of 1TB.


Although iPad accessories are compatible with almost all models on the market, it is important to be aware: their price may justify the choice of iPad.

We explain: the accessories available for iPad are sold separately and can mean a high cost for the iPad.

So it may be a good choice to opt for a slightly cheaper iPad but equipped with accessories.

The Apple pencil for example, is an excellent device capable of allowing the user to write and draw on the iPad with much more fluidity and precision.

It can be used as a pencil, pen, highlighter, eraser … And its use is extremely simple, just pair the pen with the device and it will be ready for use.

Which is the Best iPad of 2020?

Knowing a little more about the main features of iPads makes it much easier to choose the ideal model for you.

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To help with this task, we have separated the best models on the market for you to know.

Just take a look:

1. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro - best apple iPad
Best Apple iPad

The iPad Pro is certainly Apple’s biggest hit in terms of high-level, high-performance tablets and is considered the best Apple iPad.

This is the top-of-the-line iPad, meaning the best iPad you can access on the market today.

Apple’s idea when launching this tablet was to give the user a more compact alternative than the computer.

Therefore, it was necessary to deliver an iPad with a high-end processor, an operating system with enviable performance, and, of course, facilities that only the iPad Pro provides.

Currently, it is possible to find 3 versions of the iPad Pro on the market: they are models that differ aesthetically from the 10.5-inch, 11-inch and 12.9-inch screens, but not only because of that.

The technical specifications of the smaller model, the 10.5-inch model is different from the other two larger models.

Among the main differences are the screens that in the smaller model are made in retina while in the larger models of the iPad Pro the screens are made in Liquid retina.

Another very striking difference is the access of the device, which on larger models is done via facial recognition, while on the smaller model it is done via Touch ID.

The processor also brings differences. While the 10.5-inch model uses an A10X Fusion chip the other two Pro models use A 12 X Bionic chip.

On all models, the rear cameras do an excellent job taking photos with up to 12-megapixel resolution and recording with 4k technology.

In the front camera, a difference in the larger models for the 10.5-inch model. While the 10.5-inch model features FaceTime HD technology, the other two iPad Pro models feature True Depth technology. It cost around $1,299 to get the Apple iPad Pro on Amazon and other online stores.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Best iPad for professionals
  • Big screen


  • Handling can be difficult
  • Higher price

2. Apple Air iPad

Best Cost-Effective Apple iPad

If the subject is the best cost-benefit i.e cheap with top-notch qualities in the market, surely the best iPad to recommend is the iPad Air.

We are talking about the best performance that can be achieved under the Pro line.

Its Bionic A12 processor delivers speed and fluidity in use, prevents crashes and assists in the optimal functioning of the operating system.

Its retina display is 10.5 inches. It has a screen large enough for uses such as drawing, watching series, editing images.

Speaking of drawing and editing, the iPad Air is compatible with the Apple Pen, which makes the screen even easier to use.

The 4-core processor is also a component that impresses especially when running games that look impressive.

In addition to the Apple Pen, the iPad Air is also compatible with Keyboard which facilitates text typing and conversation via messaging applications. It cost around $949.99 to get the Apple Air iPad on Walmart and even lesser on other online stores.

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  • Best cost benefit
  • Excellent processor
  • Medium sized screen
  • Compatible with Apple Pen


  • Not recommended for professionals, the screen may still be small

3. 7th Generation iPad

7th Generation iPad
Basic iPad with slightly larger screen

If what you’re looking for is a basic iPad but with a screen large enough for you to make the most of the Apple retina, then the 7th Generation iPad is the best iPad for you.

Although it is a more basic model, this iPad brings the performance needed for everyday tasks.

With it, you can play different games, access social networks, enjoy streaming services and use the most diverse functions of organization and data management.

In terms of accessories, this model is compatible not only with Keyboards but also with the Apple Pen. This is great news for anyone looking for the best basic iPad for making drawings, sketches and notes.

The processor of this iPad is the A10 Fusion, a processor of excellent performance. In addition, we have 32 Gb of storage, enough to archive documents, photos, videos and music without having to worry about running out of memory.

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Finally, a super elegant design with the back made entirely from 100% recycled aluminum makes this iPad one of the most beautiful in its category. It cost around $649.00 to get the Apple 7th Generation iPad on Walmart and on other online stores.


  • Spacious screen
  • Excellent for everyday use
  • Attractive price


  • Not recommended for professionals
  • May be small for some uses

4. iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4
Best Portable iPad

For those looking for a basic and super compact iPad, the iPad Mini 4 is the most suitable model. This is the best iPad for everyday use.

Its super-compact dimensions make it easy to load and handle. They are 203.2 mm high, 134.8 mm wide, 6.1 mm thick.

Regarding weight, only 300 grams, which also facilitates handling.

The iPad Mini 4 screen is a Retina screen with an LED backlight and multi Touch technology.

In terms of size, small enough to facilitate handling but large enough to facilitate all tasks performed on the device. They are 7.9 inches, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

The big surprise is the proportion of pixels per inch that this iPad has. There are 326 pixels per inch, the largest proportion in the category.

The iPad Mini 4 processor is not the best among the tablet processors available on the market. However, in no way does this mean that the processor leaves something to be desired. On the contrary, it serves the user perfectly.

In this model, the chip used is the second generation A8, built-in 64 bits and an M8 coprocessor.

Regarding the cameras on this iPad, there is not much to be expected. In the rear camera, the iPad Mini brings 8-megapixel photos and videos with HD resolution.

In the front camera, only 1.2 megapixels, which can be a disappointment for those who are used to the cameras of iPhones, for example.

This model is not compatible with the Apple Pen and it cost around $499.99 to get the Apple iPad Mini 4 on Walmart and on other online stores.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent for basic tasks
  • Little


  • It may not be ideal for professionals
  • Not compatible with Apple Pen

5. Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Older iPad, But with Really Big Screen

For those who need an iPad with an impressively large screen, the 2017 Pro version is one of the most recommended and may be the best iPad for you.

Although it is a slightly older iPad, its performance and quality still stand out when compared to most tablets on the market.

Its 12.9-inch screen is a really giant screen. With it, it is possible to work much more easily in activities such as drawings, photo and video editing, spreadsheet control, data analysis and graphics, among others.

Its 4 GB RAM is enough to run a series of applications without any problem. Crashes and slowness are not problems that should be of concern to the user.

In addition, the 64GB version is more than enough to store photos, music files and videos without running out of memory problems on the Apple iPad.

Finally, its elegant gold design brings sophistication to the device and compatibility with accessories makes it even easier to use. It cost around $1,034 to get the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 on Walmart and on other online stores.


  • Big screen
  • Good performance
  • Stylish design


  • Handling can be uncomfortable
  • Model is a little old

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Now that you know more about the power of the iPad and you already know better the main features to be aware of when buying one, time to choose yours.

Be sure to take into account the exclusive list that we brought with the best iPads on the market. One of them may be exactly what you need.


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