Top 10 Best Discussion Forums in Nigeria

With the increase in the usage of the internet, many discussion forums in Nigeria have sprung up sharing good content and knowledge with their members. Today, we will be taking a look at the most popular and best online discussion forums in Nigeria.

Before that, let us take a look at what an online discussion forum is.

What is a Discussion Forum?

A discussion forum is an online community where information, content, and data are shared among members and guests alike. These forums displayed their content in threads making it easy to read for users.

Unlike blogs, information is shared by anyone in the forum. Individuals are given opportunities to share their knowledge and experience with others. While the moderators of the forums monitored the activities of the users.

There are many popular Nigerian forums like that where you can get information on job opportunities, read news, interact, connect with others, and so on. Find below some of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria.

Top Best Online Discussion Forums in Nigeria

Taking into consideration of the website ranking, traffic, stability, and quality engagement, below is the list of the most popular and best internet discussion forums in Nigeria.

1. Nairaland

Have you ever heard of Nairaland? It is the most popular and active online discussion forums in Nigeria. Since its inception in 2005 by Seun Osewa, it has witnessed a lot of popularity and growth among Nigerians. According to, Nairaland is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. Check out Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria You Need To Visit

With over 4 million quality topics and a lot of users, Nairaland has become the best online community in Nigeria. Many visits the websites to land new jobs, connect with others, read news, search for helpful information, and so on. Therefore, Nairaland remains one of the trending Nigerian discussion forums.

2. GistMania

Here is another popular Nigerian discussion forum that mainly focused on gist, news, and entertainment content for users.
The Nigerian online forum has been linked to another website and online community known as Naijapals.

Although GistMania has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, it can not be compared to the popularity of Nairaland.

3. Nigeria’s Creative Talents Forum

Are you searching for productive online discussion forums in Nigeria? Nigeria’s Creative Talents (NCT) is your go-to online community for creative and productive content. The Nigerian online forum provides quality content surrounding technology and gadgets topics.

With over 8,000 members and numerous quality topics, Nigeria’s Creative Talents Forum can be considered to be one of the best online forums in Nigeria.

4. NaijaPals

NaijaPals is also one of the trending online discussion forums in Nigeria. Like Gist Mania, it is a niche-focused online community in Nigeria that provides content around Nigerian movies, music, and news.

Joining NaijaPals as one of its members gives you access to download movies and music for free. You also get to read news and entertainment reviews on the Nigerian online forums.

5. 6Ters Forum

Although not very popular, 6Ters Forum is one of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria. There are quality information and content on the website spanning different sections and topics.

Since its inception in 2015, 6Ters Forum has continued to grow while connecting Nigerians together. Thus, making it one of the best Nigerian forums out there. See the Top 10 Job Sites in Nigeria – Best Job Search Websites

6. Nigerian Best Forum

Next on our list is the Nigerian Best Forum which is tagged NBF for short. The popular Nigerian forum provides users with different content and information on job opportunities, education, career, business, health, arts, and so on.

Like the Nairaland, the Nigerian Best Forum is one of the best internet communities in Nigeria that gives room for users’ interactions on many topics.

7. Nigeria Message Board

The Nigeria Message Board is another Nigerian discussion forum that provides quality content and information for users. Joining the online forum gives you access to interact with other users while obtaining answers to your questions.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Nigerian Message Board has continued to witness growth in the number of users, quality topics, and traffic.

8. Gurus Lodge

Gurus Lodge is also one of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria that gives tech-related content. With over 500 members and a lot of topics surrounding tech and gadgets like smartphones, iPhones, Windows, Guru Lodge continues to thrive among many other Nigerian online forums.

9. EarlyFace Forum

Here is also one of the best general online forums in Nigeria. The EarlyFace Forum is a discussion platform that allows users to discuss any topics under different sections. Some of which include Sports, News Updates, Education, Relationships, Gaming, Career, and so on.

With many quality information and content the EarlyFace forum has provided over the years, one can safely say it is one of the best Nigerian discussion forums. Check out Top 10 Business Forums For Entrepreneurs

10. EveryoneKnows

Unlike many other online discussion forums in Nigeria on our list, EveryoneKnows is a question and answer forum. The Nigerian online forum focuses on answering questions asked by users using other members’ opinions.

EveryoneKnows is similar to Quora, an international question and answer online community. Just that EveryoneKnows is used by most Nigerians. The online platform has been known to contribute knowledge and thoughtful answers to different problems faced by many. Thus, it is one of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria.

Best Online Discussion Forums in Nigeria

Apart from the above-mentioned popular internet forums in Nigeria, there are many others like the NG Student, Best Naija, Jackobian and so many others.

It is not possible to mention every Nigerian online forum, that is why we have taken our time to select the best out of the best online discussion forums in Nigeria.

What other popular Nigerian forums do you think we should add to our list? Share your thoughts via the comment section.