Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria You Need To Visit

What are Nigeria’s top 10 blogs? In today’s article, we are going to list the top 10 blogs in Nigeria, i.e. the blogs that have been the most visited and most enticing to surfers.

For any of the blogs listed here, we have done our research by checking some basic information about the blogs like their Alexa Ranking, Domain Authority, Minimum Monthly Visitors or traffic, and many more.

These blogs are known for targeting the Nigerian populace in the majority of their published content and believe me if you don’t visit them in a day, you gonna feel like you are missing something.

If you already have a blog or you are about to start then the top 10 blogs in Nigeria we are going to list here will encourage you to pursue your career in blogging.

Though the list of top 10 blogs in Nigeria isn’t meant for aspiring bloggers or practicing bloggers alone, it is a general list for information seekers.

List of Top 10 Blogs In Nigeria

We have taken our time to list the blogs in Nigeria with the highest traffic and given each of them well-detailed information.

Now, let us treat the list one after the other, we will show you the necessary information about each of the listed blogs.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 106,410,000.

Legit. ng is formerly known as, the owner of the blog changed the domain name to and then redirected the old domain to the new one mainly because of Advert-related issues. is rated as the number one online blog for the latest news and entertainment for Nigerians.’s mission is to be a Nigerian guide that leads the way through the news.

The word Legit was coined from the word legitimate meaning every published content on the blog is authentic and truly that has been our experience with the blog. 

The previous domain was founded in 2012, and its Facebook page was the first to reach 1,000,000 likes in Nigeria, That is quite huge for a blog. launched its Android Application in May 2014 and it was massively downloaded due to the popularity of the website with over 500,000 downloads within 10 months and currently has 5 million downloads.

The domain name was changed to Legit. ng in 2018 without losing his regular visitors.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 74,310,000

No doubt Naijaloaded is the most popular blog in Nigeria before it was overtaken by, Naijaloaded is an online platform where you get the latest gist, gossip and entertainment, high-quality Nigerian music, video, and also news content on a daily basis to Nigerians home and abroad, Naijaloaded never disappoints. was founded by Makinde Azeez in 2009 and since it was founded, the blog has always been the resort once you are back from work and you need to entertain yourself with happenings in Nigeria.

Naijaloaded boasts over 120 million page views monthly and is one of the most famous blogs for years now.

Naijaloaded is presently one of the most visited Nigeria websites.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 14,400,000

Linda Ikeji’s blog is one of the top choices for Nigerians especially the ladies, the blog is focused on gossip and it is owned by Linda Ikeji Ifeoma.

Linda did her tertiary education in Lagos State and this has really helped her career as a blogger, though she started blogging as fun.

Linda Ikeji’s blog was initially hosted with the popular google product called blogger or Blogspot with her sub-domain name and it really took her time to quit Blogspot and migrate to Laravel (PHP).

Linda Ikeji was a model before starting blogging in 2006, she later switched from the Blogspot domain to a top-level domain which is

In 2016, Linda Ikeji upgraded and launched or online TV network which she called Linda Ikeji TV.

Linda later upgraded herself in 2016 by creating an online TV network called Linda Ikeji TV.

Her Online TV airs some entertaining programs like talk shows, Interviews, Movies, and many more just to mention a few.

Linda Ikeji’s wealth was hidden as most are not aware of her worth not until she purchased a mansion in Banana Island in Lagos State which was worth #500 million.

Then all of a sudden she because a source of inspiration and motivation to many aspiring bloggers and since been the one most bloggers are looking up to.

Linda Ikeji is one of the richest Nigerian bloggers and has been expanding year in year out.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 2,718,930

Sahara Reporters is an online platform for the latest and most controversial political news.

Omoyele Sowore a Nigerian human rights activist in 2006 founded Sahara Reporters which was designed to update Nigerians on the latest news, and encourage Nigerians to uncover corruption in Nigeria by reporting corrupt leaders, and those who abuse the power given to them and also uncovering political misconduct without fear.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 861,630

Laila’s blog is an online entertainment platform that focuses on entertainment news, political news, celebrity gist, fashion tips, and the latest gossip in town.

The blog owned by Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu was founded in 2012, In 2018, she later changed the domain name from to

Laila’s blog is rated one of the top blogs in Nigeria having over 2.5 million monthly page views.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 857,820

Bella Naija is a unique fashion blog that was founded in 2006 by Uche Eze. Bella Naija is one of the most successful Nigerian blogs based on its monthly traffic and generated revenue.

Bella Naija though focuses on fashion but yet included other niches so as to expand further with more varieties of interesting topics like Nollywood-related topics, events, relationships, and music.

And just like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija has also gone far to the length of launching its Online TV Shows too called Bella Naija TV where most of the Nigerian sensational celebrity artists are interviewed.

Bella Naija has been a success right from the onset because of the method of getting published content which is usually done through finding content creators and bloggers who are interested in getting their content over to the public.

Bella Naija also employed article writers to write and create more unique content for them.

Bella Naija’s revenue comes in from advertisements from different channels whether online or offline.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 840,600

Naijatechguide is a technology-centered website that focused on finding and publishing great content based on new android phones, mobile phone price comparisons, gadgets, Software, gadget reviews and comparisons, mobile applications, buying guides, generators and inverters and so many more.

If you really want to get the best rates then before buying any gadget you must find time to check out your gadget of choice on NaijaTechGuide.

The blog has been on since 2006 and has been consistent to date, this platform is all you need when it comes to technology.

Paschal Okafor is the owner of NaijaTechGuide and is solely managed by him and also rated as the most visited technology blog in Nigeria to date.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 298,560

360nobs is Founded by Noble Igwe in 2010 and has clung on to anything music. Do you have a song you want to listen to or download? or maybe you just wish to listen to the latest music, then 360nobs should be your best resort.

The platform is an entertainment and lifestyle blog site for music downloads, movie updates, entertainment news, lifestyle, and other things.

360nobs stands for 360 No Bull Sh. There’s no need to call every word as we know you already understand what that vulgar means.

The site is one of the Nigerian blog sites that dominate Twitter and is the hub for Nigerian music lovers who never get tired of downloading interesting and melodious Nigerian songs.



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 240,510

Ogbonge Blog has been on for quite some time now and has been a reliable source of informative guide to bloggers or anyone looking for a solution.

Ogbongeblog is founded by Jide Ogunsanya a tech enthusiast who has won many Blogging Awards.

Ogbonge Blog started in the year 2008 as a technology-based blog site. The platform has been on Blogspot to date even though it has a top-level domain, he maintained the before purchasing after more than 7 years.

Ogbonge Blog focused on one niche which is technology while serving important content and solving problems with various tutorials.

The blog publishes content on applications, mobile phones, Software, gadgets, telecommunication tips, how-tos, online money making, blogging tips, and many more.

Ogbonge blog has been able to retain its visitors as they keep on coming back for more, what do you expect?



Monthly Estimate of Unique visitors: 238,380

Ynaija was started by Chude Jideonwo in 2010. Ynaija is centered on sharing and analyzing news, politics, sports, entertainment, sexuality, activism among other things.

One of the interesting things about the site is their magazine that focuses on citizen series that contains nice write-ups on Brave Women, Beyond Biafra, Herdsmen Hazards, and Biafra’s Forgotten Soldiers.

The site effectively utilizes its resources by finding news and information on things that readers are very interested in reading about.

Naija is also well categorized and very easy to navigate and go to any category you’re interested in reading.

They also have a Y Naija TV where they share and reflect on trending issues affecting youths in Africa.


The list goes on and on but we only have to write about the top ten blogs in Nigeria, we have other blogs that are also doing well, e.g. Yabaleft, Gistreel,, Kemifilani, and many more. You can never get bored with these sites.