The Best Fonts To Use On Your CV/Resume


The ignorant days are gone where you read a job advert or you got notify to submit your CV for a job and you just dust your old written CV/Resume and head for the recruiter’s office.

A badly written CV has a lot to say about you and the kind of attitude you have towards having a job or staying unemployed.

It’ll create a quick navigational reading for the employer or recruiter while giving you some percentages of assurance of getting the job.

You may have spent years unemployed, but I’m assuring you the idle days are over and the job is yours.

But have you ever wonder why Mr. A’s CV fetch him a job while yours was an unreadable document to stand the rigorous recruiter’s screening? Are you willing to know the simple best fonts to use to your CV/ Resume? If yes, stay glue to this post as it’ll enlighten you on the best fonts to apply to your cv/resume.

CVs/Resume doesn’t just get unscreened while others get screened because of the font alone but sometimes because of some simple neglected errors ranging from using the wrong format, inconsistent fonts, irrelevant text color, size and texture, unresearched information, and lots of others.

You’re here to learn the best fonts to apply to your CV/Resume, and that’s what we’ll be unveiling. Glance through the 7 best fonts to apply to your CV/Resume.

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1. Times New Roman

Times New Roman sprouted from London as it was a common font used in the British newspaper which was created by Stanley Morison In 1929. Its eligibility, clarity, and readability gave hiring managers a cool brain, relax, and accurate screening process.

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With black as its color and 12 points as its size. It’ll make your CV/Résumé look professional and highly rated among others CV/Résumé. It’s most useful when applying for academic or teaching-related jobs.

2. Arial

This is one of the most commonly used fonts because it gives your CV/ Résumé a crispy and clearly looking format. It’s a sans serif font that’s not just easy use for printed copies but also on screens as it’s adopted by websites and blogs with Helvetica as its complementary font. It’s even a good font for your logo or graphic design.

When used in black color and 11-12 points it gives the CV/Résumé pages a professional and formal look which is likely to fetch you the dream job. It’s most useful when writing your CV/resume for any career or industry.

3. Garamond

Professionals like doctors and accountants who desire to give their CV/résumé a new classic look and easy-to-read style font uses Garamond alternatively to any other kind of font.

You don’t need to rack your brain on which professional font to use for your CV/Resume, Garamond is just a taste all hiring managers would like reading ranging from it formal format to quick readability strength.

When used in black and 12 points, it gives your CV/Resume a professional and accessible format of reading.

4. Calibri

Created and designed by Luc(as) de Goot in 2002, it got its popular usage after it’s screened by Microsoft and it became the default font of their emerging age. Also, it’s a Sans serif typeface with rounded and warm lines.

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With its professional texture, this font can be used by techy industries to carry out high-end intensive research projects because it’s a light-looking font even in bunchy contents. It just gives CV/ Résumés their classic format, easy to read and fast to navigate.

With its black color and 12-13 font point, you can make your CV/Resume look much more formal as it’s used commonly for IT and Technical CV/Resumes.

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5. Georgia

Its trendy and classical texture gives a professional view of your CV/Resume.  It’s a serif typeface that was designed in 1993 by Matthew Carter and incorporated by Microsoft. It’s a font of elegance but most legible when printed in small font.

As it’s attractive on your CV, it’s acutely usable too because it’s easy to read and gives hiring managers a no stressful reading experience.

It’s a font that’s taking the new media industry as well as websites and blogs adopt the use of this font.

Authors, writers, and bloggers applying for jobs may win the job if they use this kind of font in its black color and 10-13 font point.

6. Browallia

Though it may sound exotic and literarily fancy it’s still among the list easy to read font in its simple display format. If you don’t really mind your CV/Resume looking fancy and full of styles, then Browallia is a usable font for you.

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It’s part of the newly designed fonts by Microsoft and its popularity hasn’t gained much ground. Surveyors and  Digital analysts are top users of this font and can even fetch your dream job if it’s used in black color and in 11-13 font size.

7. Gill Sans

If you’re focusing on hiring managers’ easy reading experience and still add some touch of the latest styles and forms of writing, Gill Sans is a new choice for you.

Its readability and simplicity features give administrators and office workers new dawn of hope as this font may help them get the job they’ve been waiting for.

With black color and 11-23 font point, you’re at the edge of winning that job if used to write your CV/resume.

In exclusion, Courier font, Impact font, Bradley Hand, and Comic Sans should not be used while writing your CV/Résumé. In adherence to this instruction and the use of any of these four fonts may cost you the job.

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Writing your CV/Resume using the right font shouldn’t turn you into a typographer who must know the nitty-gritty of typeface and typesetting. Here you’re applying for a job, except if it’s a topography job, don’t spend your weeks researching the best fonts to apply in your CV/Résumé alone but research about fewer questions that maybe ask about you or the company that day.

But don’t forget a poorly written CV/Resume, a badly chosen font size, color, and texture may prove your unprofessionalism while writing your CV/Resume.


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