Amazing Facts Job Seekers Should Know

Do you plan to drop your resume at that reputable company? Are you seeking a job but don’t know what the future holds for you? If yes, then you should consider the following important features that every job seekers are expected to know.

Hunting for a new job requires protocols and rules that you need to be knowledgeable about before dropping your resume on any job opportunity board. While the job opportunity may be a must for you, the employers still control the process.

Without further delay, the following are what you need to know if you really want to land a new job.

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Facts For Job Seekers 1: A single-page resume will do you harm than good.
It’s not news that job applicants need to drop a resume for job consideration and it’s obvious that the resume will be evaluated by recruiters and or hiring managers.

The new thing here is that employers and recruiters want to know more about your career and personal life — to some extent –before reaching you out. For this reason, a page resume is likely going to hurt should you drop if for a job role.

For you to efficiently discuss your work accomplishments (in brief) and keep the normal resume font size readable, the resume may need you to turn onto the second page, most especially if your working experience is more than five years.

As time goes by so does the trend changes. For this reason, the old notion of writing a resume to fit a single page may be dropped.

Facts For Job Seekers 2:The interview process will be tiring

Come next year, job seekers are expected to get set for a rigorous interview process. The trend changes so you may be given a task to complete a personality assessment online survey, participate in a meal interview, do a simulation assignment, or do a video interview.

As a result of these, the interviewing process will last longer than expected. You need to understand that the recruiter needs to recruit the best personality for the job, so train yourself in other areas beyond your working skills.

Facts For Job Seekers 3: Prepare your own set of questions

You should know that interview session is two-way traffic, so when you are going for the interviewing process, get your own set of questions ready in case you’ll need them to assist you to evaluate the role you are seeking for, the norms of the organization and to help you evaluate your future boss.

For Job Seekers 4: Know your worth

previous years may be your year to land that your dream job, but do you really know how much your experience and qualifications worth? The salary ranking system has begun to rise thus, before dropping your resume for any job role, carry out thorough salary research so that you can have a clear understanding of the salary range.

Talk to people that work in your desired organization or those that have the same level of qualifications and experience as you and inquire from them the going rate of their respective works.

For those that will be pursuing their first job opportunities after college, this is very much important. Knowing your worth will help you to look more honorable when negotiating salary.

For Job Seekers 5: Find someone to refer you

The importance of networking can never be overemphasized. Although networking to get a job through referral sounds rigorous and time-consuming. But if you can start networking as early as January 2020 labor market might favor you.

With that your voluminous list of companies, start reaching out to people that you know and inquire about them if they know anyone that works for any of the companies you have on your list.

While this may look rigorous, if you keep trying you never can tell, you may come across someone who will eventually connect you with some other person. Remember that connection is very vital in landing a job in this present society.

For Job Seekers 6: Update your LinkedIn profile

After you must have filled your resume, it is advisable you refresh and update your LinkedIn profile. If you leave your LinkedIn profile alone without any sort of description about yourself it means that you don’t care about what you’ve got.

As a savvy worker, you should know and understand that an up-to-the-minute LinkedIn profile will help in telling a good thing about your career story. The summary section is there for you to write a few words about yourself.

Also, you have the opportunity to explain what interests and motivates you about a particular job. All this information would guide your potential employer to know and understand additional things about you.

As a matter of fact, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile with the necessary keywords and qualifications helps hire, recruiter, and or employer to discover potential candidates to fill in their vacancy.

For Job Seekers 7: Watch out for social media ads

Be informed that the LinkedIn platform isn’t the only social media outlets recruiters look. So, when next you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and others, pay adequate attention to any ads that come your way.

Albeit, all major companies are on LinkedIn, but they are aware of the fact that most employed individuals don’t check the LinkedIn page regularly compared to others.

So for the employed individuals to know about any development that’s going on in their respective companies, the companies do post all relevant information including job advertisements on their social media pages, too.

Therefore, always be on alert and pay adequate attention to any ads that you see.

8. There’s more to look at the job boards

The first place everyone runs to for any vacancy or job opportunities in the job boards, but the truth is that most organizations don’t rely solely on job boards in filling their openings.

Although the job boards will assist you in browsing through the job market, job titles, keywords, and the likes to target the appropriate roles. But it doesn’t help to uncover job opportunities because most of the companies’ new hirer comes through referral.

However, if you are so determined to land a job, the above discussed are what you really need to know and act upon.


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