Top 10 Best Investment Banks in the World ([year])

If you are looking for a bank where you can increase your saved money, you will be interested to learn about the Top 10 Best Investment Banks in the World.

Investment banks are highly patronized not just for their ability and capability to safely store your money, but importantly their ability to grow and increase it which makes this type of bank different from other types of banks.

To learn more, journey with us as we unveil to you the Top Investment banks in the World.

Top 10 Best Investment Banks in the World

Banking with Investment banks may seem complex but, it is financially rewarding. There are tons of investment banks established around the world in different countries making our course tasking.

Nonetheless, we have compiled below the Top Best Investment Banks in the World where you can put your money or work as an employee.

1. Goldman Sachs

Location: United States of America

Goldman Sachs is an American-based leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm considered to be the Best overall investment bank in the world.

Aside from being an investment bank, it also offers other financial services to its clients in areas such as asset management, securities, securities underwriting, and prime brokerage.

Considered to be one of the Top Investment banks in the World going by its over 150 years of experience in the financial industry serves a large and diversified client base that encompasses corporations, financial institutions, governments, and others.

2. JP Morgan Chase

Location: United States of America

JP Morgan is an American Investment company coming in second on our list of Top 10 Best Investment Banks in the World because of its excellent and quality service which has made it become a global leader in the investment banking industry. Plus, it has one of the largest client bases worldwide.

That is because this investment bank has around 200,000 clients encompassing governments, corporations, educational institutions, banks, and individual investors with a global reach of around 100 countries.

3. Barclays

Location: United Kingdom

Barclays has proven to be the Best in Europe with a wealth of experience that is over 300 years in the investment industry. The multinational investment company has a global reach as it operates in more than 40 countries providing clients with the excellent service they desire.

4. Bank of America Corporation

Location: United States of America

Bank of America Corporation comes as the investment bank with the Best Innovation in the investment banking industry.

The American multinational investment bank is ranked among the Top Investment banks in the World been a global leader in wealth management, corporate and investment banking, and trading; also, how it incorporated innovation by merging and partnering with other top financial institutions, including Countrywide Financial and Merrill Lynch, among others.

5. Morgan Stanley

Location: United States of America

Morgan Stanley made our list of Top Best Investment Banks in the World known for its excellent sales strategy contributing immensely to the growth and development of the capital markets as well as its effective and efficient wealth management which makes the investment bank the best for Markets.

The American multinational investment bank also offers other financial services. More so, it has a global reach in more than 42 countries offering a global service to different types of clients, including governments, business institutions, and individuals.

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6. Deutsche Bank

Location: Germany

Deutsche Bank is a German multinational investment bank that has been around for over 10 years, and it also doubles as a financial services company considered to be the best for the Asia Pacific.

Like investment banks listed earlier, Deutsche Bank has spanned 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Deutsche Bank has proven and continues to show its strength in traditional fields of investment banking including financing, advisory services, fixed income, and currencies.

7. Citigroup

Location: United States of America

Citigroup is not only the largest credit card issuer in the world but also one of the Top Best Investment Banks in the World and is known to be the best for inclusive investment banking.

Citigroup has proven to be a reliable financial institution in the field of investment banking and has continued to provide strategic and financing products, and advisory services to corporations, governments, and private businesses.

8. Credit Suisse

Location: Switzerland

Credit Suisse is made the list as the best for modern investment banking. The global investment bank is particularly popular for its strict bank-client confidentiality and banking secrecy making it a perfect pick for clients who value their privacy.

Credit Suisse has over the years proven to offer excellent services in wealth management and capital markets which has been seen in the recent accolades it has received especially the Bank of the Year award.

9. UBS Group AG

Location: Switzerland

Secrecy and confidentiality seem to be the motto of most Swiss banks and the UBS Group AG is not left out. In fact, the investment bank is known for being the best for secured investment banking because it prioritizes secrecy and confidentiality.

In addition, the company standout for providing access to capital markets for corporate and institutional clients. Likewise, it provides global wealth management services aside from investment banking services.

10. HSBC Holdings Plc

Location: United Kingdom

HSBC Holdings Plc. is one of the Top Investment banks in the World especially for offering the best sustainable financial services. The British multinational company offers services in investment banking, wealth management, and many other financial services.

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The above-mentioned banks are the Top Best Investment Banks in the World known to offer services deserving of clients’ hard-earned money.

Also, these banks have years of credibility and reputation that supersedes others. Be rest assured to enjoy top-notch service if you decide to choose to invest in any of the banks above.