The 6 Best Mini Projectors To Buy This Year

The 6 Best Mini Projectors To Buy This Year

What are the best mini projectors in the market? Technology products that offer more convenience, practicality and portability have gained more and more prominence. This is precisely the case with the best mini projectors that we will cover in this article.

And in this article, we are going to deal with another type of projectors. While on the one hand we find the best projectors, powerful and focused on image quality.

On the other end, we have the Mini Projectors or portable projectors, which as the name implies, are more directed to the public that seeks practicality and convenience. And it is about these portable and practical models that we will talk about today.

Who are Mini Projectors for? Who Should Use Them?

Mini projectors are more recommended for the public whose mobility is a decisive factor at the time of purchase, as teachers who need such equipment to pass content in the classroom or entrepreneurs, who bring their own equipment to make presentations of projects in different environments.

In general, these projectors are lighter and smaller, making it easy to take them with you at all times and in addition they usually have included speakers and reasonable lumen rates to ensure good image quality in different locations.

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How to Choose the Best Mini Projector for You?

These projector models have many names and as a way for you to understand what type of projectors we are talking about, among these names we have portable projectors, pico projectors and what we like to call them: mini projectors.

These models have many similarities to the conventional projectors that we see out there, such as the types of display, brightness, contrast, resolution and other specifications. Because of this, we recommend that you read this article if you want to learn how to buy a projector.

The focus of this article is mainly to explain the differentials that we find in these models and the reason why they are becoming quite popular.


The minimum resolution we recommend to ensure good image quality, greater detail and sharpness of the image and reduce jagging, we recommend resolutions above 720p.

Lumens Rate

As stated in our other article, this is the rate that determines the “how powerful” the brightness of your projector will be, so the higher the number of lumens, the better the image quality with ambient lighting.

A good lumen rate to ensure sharp image quality is at least 1500 lumens.


A more specific feature of mini projectors is that it contains a battery, which when charged allows you to use the device away from the outlet allowing even more versatility when using such a device.

It is worth remembering that some models end up decreasing the brightness when they are on the battery to save and increase the life of it, so it is worth seeing the specifications very well before buying the first model that appears on the front with battery.


The size guarantees the portability of the projector and the ideal to fit into the category of mini projectors is that the model weighs less than 2 kilos and fits in a backpack.

How To Choose the Best Mini Projectors

Based on the same selection criteria as our other article on projectors, to choose the best mini projectors we consider the image quality, lumen rate, type of display, portability and extra features such as a built-in battery and a good projection distance, in addition of course, good cost benefit and availability in the market.

What is the Best Mini Projector of 2020?

And as usual, to help you choose the best models we will give our recommendations of the best mini projectors for different types of people, check it out:

1. Epson Powerlite S41 + Projector

Epson Powerlite S41 Projector
The Epson Powerlite S41 + is a good choice for use in classrooms and business presentations

Connection:  VGA, USB, HDMI and Bluetooth |  Dimensions (AxLXP):  302 mm x 82 mm x 237 mm | Weight:  2.7 kg | Resolution:  800 x 600 native pixels (480,000 pixels) |  Lamp life:  up to 10,000 hours (ECO) 210 W UHE | Contrast ratio:  up to 15,000: 1 |  Keystone:  Vertical and horizontal -30º + 30º |  Color light:  3,300 lumens | White light:  3,300 lumens | Color reproduction:  up to 1 billion colors |  Warranty:  3 years

The Epson Powerlite S41 + Projector is our choice as a Classroom Mini Projector and is rated as the Best Classroom Mini Projector, especially for its native resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, suitable for smaller environments.

However, the image quality is guaranteed by the 3 LCD technology available and the 3,300 lumens in both white and colored lighting output.

Thus, projections can be up to 350 inches, without loss of sharpness.

In connection, it has a special feature the iProjection app. With it, iPhone, iPad and iPod users will be able to synchronize their devices. In addition, it features USB, VGA, HDMI and Bluetooth.

Wi-fi is not integrated but can be activated via a branded adapter. The device is bivolt, easy to install, has native SVGA and has Quick Corner to adjust the projected image easily.

2. Mini UC Wifi Projector UC46

Mini UC Wifi Projector UC46
If you want to save but still come out with an excellent product, UNIC UC46 is our cost-benefit indication

Connection:  VGA, HDMI, USB, SD and Wi-Fi | Dimensions (HxWXD):  16 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm | Weight:  1.3 kg |  Resolution:  1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) |  Color light output:  1,200 lumens | White light output:  1,200 lumens |  Lamp life:  up to 20,000 hours |  Contrast ratio:  up to 800: 1 |  Warranty:  3 months

Also with LED technology, Unic UC46 is the Best Cost-Effective Mini Projector with Wi-Fi.

With 1,200 lumens and an ideal projection distance between 1.07 and 3.8 meters, it is suitable for projections between 34 and 130 inches.

Thus, clarity, brightness and sharpness are certain in your Full HD, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Because it is made of plastic and metal, it is lightweight and durability is guaranteed.

In the same way, the connection also, whether through VGA, HDMI, SD, USB and, of course, through Wi-Fi. It is even compatible with Android Miracast or iOS Airplay.

To complete the facilities package, it has a headphone jack, 1W speaker, 23 configuration languages, and reads various audio and video formats, such as MP3 and DivX, as well as images, such as JPG and PNG.

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3. Mini Bluetooth Projector Betec BT810

Mini Bluetooth Projector Betec BT810
Best Mini Portable Projector

Connection:  Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, A / V, SD and USB |  Dimensions (HxWXD):  20 cm x 15.5 cm x 8 cm |  Weight:  900g |  Resolution:  800 x 480 pixels |  Color light output:  1,200 lumens |  White light output:  1,200 lumens | Lamp life:  up to 30,000 hours | Keystone correction:  Vertical and horizontal -30º + 30º |  Contrast ratio:  up to 1,500: 1 |  Warranty: 1 year

Betec BT810 is the Best Portable Mini Projector with Bluetooth connection. With capacity for projections on screens up to 120 inches, it is indicated for dark environments or in low light.

Thus, its 800 x 480 native resolution pixels guarantee the sharpness of the image. In addition, its 40 W RGB LED lamp and 1,200 lumens brightness complete the visual package.

Connection is also not lacking in the model, with HDMI, Bluetooth, VGA, A / V (RCA), USB, SD and P2 output for sound equipment or headset, you can connect it to almost any device.

The Betec BT810 also has integrated speakers of 1 W RMS, different language configurations, is bivolt and consumes about 40 Watts.

When you buy it, your kit will come with foot and remote control.

4. LG MiniBeam PH450U

LG MiniBeam PH450U
Best Short Range Mini Projector

And as the best short distance projector, we chose the LG MiniBeam because of its portability, versatility and an affordable price to everything it offers.

Allowing the projection of screens up to 80 inches, the LG MiniBeam, like the previous model, also makes use of the same projection technology, just being 33 cm away from the wall to project its maximum size screen.

It is an extremely portable mini projector, weighing just over 1 kg and literally fitting in the palm of your hand.

Has a very low lumen rate when compared to other models, with only 450, but which should already be able to project a good image in environments that are not so lit.

Also has 1280 × 720 native HD resolution, 3D support, Bluetooth and Wifi connection and excellent contrast of 100,000: 1, which ensures a sharp image and intense and vivid colors.

5. Betec BT836A Mini LED Projector

Betec BT836A Mini LED Projector
Mini Projector for Cell Phone

Connection:  VGA, Bluetooth, SD, USB, HDMI and Wi-Fi | Dimensions (HxWXD):  26 cm x 15 cm x 22 cm | Weight:  930 g |  Resolution:  1280 x 768 pixels (HD) |  Color light output:  1,800 lumens | White light output:  1,800 lumens | Lamp life:  up to 30,000 hours | Keystone correction:  Vertical and horizontal -30º + 30º |  Contrast ratio:  up to 1,500: 1 | Warranty:  1 year

The Betec BT836A is the ideal Mobile Phone Projector, a Brazillian product. It is LED, has an integrated Android system, 720 hp, HD and is easily connected to mobile devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In terms of connectivity, it still has VGA, SD, USB and HDMI.

Its processor is an ARM Cotex A7 Dual Core of 1 Ghz, having good response and quality during operation. In addition, it has several apps pre-installed, such as Youtube, Netflix and browser.

Want more? It executes PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files through the Officesuit application and makes image presentations. That is, versatility is not lacking.

It is compatible for projections on screens up to 130 inches, is bivolt, has a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and has two integrated 1W speakers.

6. LG CineBeam TV PF1000UW

LG CineBeam TV PF1000UW
Best Mini Home Cinema Projector

And speaking of portability and image quality, we can’t help talking about LG’s CineBeam mini projector, which undoubtedly deserves its award for the best mini projector for home cinema.

The LG CineBeam has the OS (operating system) of the manufacturer’s Smart TVs: webOS, allowing you to watch your serials and movies and access your applications more easily due to its intuitive and easy access system.

The usability of this projector is highly recommended and envied by its competitors so that by positioning the device just 38 cm from the wall, it is already possible to design a 100-inch screen that combined with the adjustment and alignment features of the image and its Full HD resolution with a contrast of 150,000: 1, give you one of the best immersion experiences on the market.

The CineBeam is easy to install, simply connect the projector, connect to Wifi or Bluetooth and already out watching your movies and TV shows.

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As it is a projector developed for Home Cinema, it is indicated for places where the ambient lighting is not so strong, that is, a dedicated room with the famous “cinema darkness” and because of that, its lumen rate is not so high as other models, having only 1000 lumens.


I hope this article was helpful and that you can learn a little more about these devices to always make the right choice. Any questions or suggestions of what you want to see here on the blog, leave a comment below.


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