Best Money Saving Apps In Nigeria 2021

What is the best Saving App in Nigeria? In today’s post, we will be introducing to you the best money saving apps in Nigeria and the importance of having them on your mobile device.

As we all know as the cost of living gets increased people are left with nothing at the end of the month after settling some bills and buying food for the family especially the salary earners.

For every salary earners or business persons, there is a need to have little savings and that is where the financial technology platforms come in.

We now have quite a number of fintech apps to help us save money, so far so good there have been so many positive reviews of these apps as they are lifesavers.

Reckless spending is inevitable as a salary earner or business owner, you spend and you find it difficult to account for all what you sent the money on, it is normal, that doesn’t mean you are reckless or money waster.

This article is for everyone that wants to be successful in life and wants to be financially buoyant without fear of retiring.

There are many apps in the app stores which can help you save your money but there’s one thing to consider, the legitimacy of those apps and also do they have insurance? Once you have a positive answer about this then you are good to go.
So, if you have made the decision to start planning your life then we have gathered the top best money-saving apps in Nigeria for you that will take care of your financial status without fear of the unknown.
We have meticulously made the research on your behalf and gathered the best saving apps with easy interface with the online saving platforms in Nigeria to effectively handle your savings.

The apps and platforms we would be talking about here today has been tested and trusted by millions of people and according to the positive reviews received on each we have collated them based on how best their services are.

No worries about getting scammed as these apps are trusted and also we used some of them so we can easily tell you which one is best.

The apps we will be mentioning here are certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria and are all insured so there is nothing to be worried about, also some of them are an affiliate of some big banks in Nigeria.

Without much ado, let us unveil the list of best money saving apps in Nigeria;

Top Best Saving Apps In Nigeria 2021

#1. PiggyVest


Formerly known as operated for three years in Nigeria before rebranding to PiggyVest. This is the first online money-saving platform in West Africa which was solely launched to help Nigerians improve their lives by saving and making investment that in turn yield profits instead of saving in the normal local banks.

This can easily be done on smartphones and also via PiggyVest official website, you can directly invest on different investment opportunities listed for you while saving.

PiggyVest is the most trusted saving app in Nigeria having over 1billion Naira already saved on the platform each month by Nigerians alone. With PiggyVest, you get around 10-15% interest rate just by saving and also you get over 25% on investments packed with mouthwatering features.
You have nothing to worry about as PiggyVest currently have over 350,000 active users and counting that have trust on the platform and have invested their money on it. Yours shouldn’t be an exception.
You can Download PiggyVest App on the Apple Store and Google Playstore, likewise you can choose to use the official website to get started.

#2. CowryWise


On our list of best money saving apps in Nigeria is CowryWise, CowryWise is an online investment and saving platform launched in 2017 and rated as the second-best saving app.

With CowryWise, you can save your money and at the same time invest your money easily without fear and in turn receive up to 15% interest rate.

The platform presents us with many unique mouthwatering features that can’t be ignored and to assure you more CowryWise is one of the best fintech companies in Nigeria.

Savings are divided into simple plans and you can choose from Regular Savings plan that allows users to save for a minimum of 3 months, Long-term savings plan which allows up to a minimum of 1 year for important goals and also Hala savings plan which is suitable for Muslims, this allows them to save in groups and set a target to meet with.

You can download CowryWise App on Google Playstore for your android smartphones and also on the Apple store for iPhone users, or you visit their official website.

#3. Sumo Trust

Sumo Trust

Sumo Trust is also a trusted money-saving app that has been making Nigerians happy since it was launched. The app makes it on our top 10 best saving apps in Nigeria based on the positive reviews the customers give.

You can move a step higher by investing and saving on Sumo Trust with its automated savings and investment platform that will make your struggles worth it.

This app will encourage you to save more and also present you with the best investment opportunities which make your money grow while in your account.

With Sumo Trust, you can save for a particular thing you want to buy or use the money on eg for school fees, purchase of properties and many more.

You are opened to other features as the instant save and fixed savings that allow you to lock your money so that you don’t go back to withdraw it at any time, it will be fixed for a specific period of time.

The platform also offers its customers a whopping 10-15% interest on savings yearly and you can save as little as 100 Naira, also there is no limit to the highest amount.

You can get Sumo Trust installed on your mobile device via the Apple store and also on Google Playstore for Android phone users.

#4. ALAT By Wema Bank


Alat is a platform created by Wema Bank to proffer a solution to the poor saving culture of Nigerians. Wema Bank is a well-known commercial bank in Nigeria and this alone is a reason to take advantage of the Alat platform.

There are no worries about scams, you are fully covered and should have nothing to fear when choosing Alat because your money is in safe hands.

ALAT is a digitalized bank and as the image implies, ALAT is the Nigerian first Digital Bank. You can open an account instantly via your smartphone without needing to queue up at any of Wema Bank branches.

As long as you have an internet-enabled device be it phones or computers then you can get yourself on this platform. Here you are presented with the opportunity to set goals which you will like to meet and start your savings instantly.

Most savings apps in Nigeria hardly offer you a debit card, that isn’t the case with ALAT, they give you a debit card which you can use for online transfer or via the ATM also you can use it to withdraw cash.

Another interesting function the platform offers is that you as an existing user can refer your friends and family members to the platform via your referral link and you will receive cool cash from referring.

ALAT App is available on the Apple Store and also on Google Playstore for Android device users, you can also make use of the official website in case you don’t like to install apps.

#5. Kolopay


Kolopay is an indigenously named saving app and investment platform as the name implies “kolo” which is a Yoruba word for the modern Piggybank box, the name alone adds enough meaning to what the platform is all about.

Kolopay is one of the best money-saving apps we have in Nigeria and very reliable and trusted.

It has both mobile app and web application which enables you to save money without stress and at the same time invest your money to earn more interest.

Kolopay is totally free of charge as at the time of writing this post i.e. there is no hidden charges to the services they are providing you with.

You also get a 10% annual interest rate when you save on this platform, also Kolopay presents you the option to lock your goals so that you won’t touch it until the time set is reached.

It has some unique features like the autosave which automatically save a set amount daily, weekly or monthly and also a feature called Easysave which allows you save any amount at anytime you feel like saving it.

Also you are allowed to refer your friends and family members to Kolopay and you get rewarded for everyone you invited.

Presently, Kolopay is only available on the Android devices, you can visit your Google Playstore to download Kolopay.



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