Best Samsung Smartwatches To Buy This Year: Best Prices

What are the best Samsung Smartwatches? It isn’t news anymore that Smartwatches have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Currently, it is already possible to find a series of smartwatches capable of performing sports functions, internet access, well-being functions such as sleeping hours and others.

In the technology market, one of the brands that bring products with higher quality is Samsung. There are several models capable of bringing the user a smartwatch that really makes a difference in the user’s life.

Exactly because of the number of models available and the most diverse possible functions, choosing the best Samsung smartwatch for you is not a simple task. All models of the brand, although of excellent quality, have specificities that make it ideal for different users.

To help you choose the best Samsung Smartwatch we have brought in this article a series of relevant information for you to use when choosing.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best SmartWatch?

Among so many excellent models, choosing the best Samsung smartwatch may not be a simple task. So, check out some of the main aspects to keep in mind when choosing the ideal model for you:

Special Features

Firstly, there are currently more complete smartwatches and simpler smartwatches on the market. Depending on the user’s needs, it is decided which will be the ideal model.

As smartwatches were made to make life easier for the user, some features are essential. For example, the connection to the cell phone is one of them.

When connected with the cell phone the smartwatch is able to notify the user when the cell phone is receiving a call. Some watches even allow the user to answer messages and calls.

In addition, watches can count on heart rate meters, which assist in controlling the user’s health and can also assist in controlling physical activities.

For those who like physical activities, smartwatches can be even more interesting companions. Some models have integrated GPS, barometers, thermometers and other functions that assist in measurements during physical activities.

These smartwatches designed for the public that likes physical activity also brings a series of modes that are chosen according to the activity that will be practiced. Spinning, running, walking, yoga, tennis, weight training, are some of the physical activity options that can be chosen. From the option that the user chose, the watch tracks the activity in terms of time, intensity and caloric expenditure.

Some smartwatches also have control of the user’s sleep quality, weather forecast and even music.

Finally, other more common features are stopwatches, alarms and timers.

Design and Comfort

Another extremely important aspect when it comes to Samsung’s best Smartwatch is design and comfort. Taking into account that we are talking about an item that will be the sample on the user’s arm, it is important that the watch pleases the style of the same. For this, it is possible to choose between different materials and also colors.

In addition, it is also possible to opt for smartwatches that allow the exchange of the bracelet. In this way, it is possible to use more elegant bracelets, in materials such as leather, or in dark colors for social events, in the same way that it is possible to use rubberized and more comfortable bracelets for physical activities.

Ideally, the smartwatch should not be larger than the user’s wrist, in order to remain comfortable with it.


It is also important to analyze the layout of the watch buttons as well as how simple it is to use the screen. And in relation to the screens, being aware of the way in which it was built is fundamental.

Smartwatch screens can have external frames that make it difficult to use applications, so it is important to check the quality of the screen. To solve this inconvenience, the ideal is to look for options such as 2.5D screens or screens that do not have frames.


Unlike ordinary watches, smartwatches need to be charged constantly. That’s because the amount of functions that they usually bring up ends up using a lot more battery than watches that just mark the hours.

In this regard, smartwatches are very similar to cell phones: their battery is usually consumed more quickly when the watch is being used more diligently, for example, used during a race in which in addition to the stopwatch, the heart rate monitor and the GPS are working.

In general, few devices can deliver more than a day and a half of autonomy with moderate use. When the watch is being used with its functions, then, it is possible that after just one day it will be necessary to charge it. Now, for those who use little and take advantage of more basic functions such as hours and stopwatches, the watch’s autonomy can exceed two days.

To choose the best watch for you, it is important to take battery life into account. However, spending on a watch with a lot of battery can be expensive if that battery is not useful for you. So, be aware of the actual use that will be made of the watch, to make the right choice of battery.

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What is the Best Samsung Smartwatch in 2020?

1. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – $399.99

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier - Best Samsung Smartwatch
Best Samsung Smartwatch

If you want to have the best of Samsung when it comes to Smartwatch, get to know the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. In addition to having great functions and also great design, it is perfect for those who venture out.

Its design is a little more sporty and less delicate and discreet. This is because its rubber bracelet was combined with its slightly sturdy steel body.

In terms of resistance, this model also leaves something to be desired, its protection against scratches and the IP68 certification guarantees this. That is, it not only has a strong material but also has light resistance to water and dust.

Its touch screen also leaves something to be desired, it is an AMOLED screen that emits extremely high brightness, not harming the user when used in the sun. In addition, the Gear S3 smartwatch has a wide variety of home screens to increase the user’s personalization power.

To carry out the control and function changes of the Gear S3, Samsung opted for two different ways. One is through the touch screen, the other is through the rotating edge that allows you to choose the settings.

Among the basic functions are alarms, reminders, weather and also a connection to the cell phone for notifications, messages and calls, others are also present.

Among the most complex functions, the Gear S3 Frontier is able to monitor heartbeat, step count, calories expended, sleep monitoring and also music playback.

For those who like to monitor all this even more, all data can be sent directly to an account at Samsung Health.

Finally, your battery lasts up to four days with moderate usability. In addition, when it reaches 5% it is possible to last another 10 hours in the maximum energy-saving mode. Charging takes place in wireless mode, just connect the smartwatch with the dock.

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  • Optimal battery life
  • Protection against moisture and dust
  • Simple interface and rotating frame
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Good performance


  • Lightly heavy
  • High price

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – $139.99

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active - Best Cost Effective Samsung Smartwatch
Best Cost Effective Samsung Smartwatch

For those looking for a cost that equals their great benefit and at the same time that does not have the highest prices, a good option is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

Unlike other models, the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch has a much more modern and discreet design. Its display is rounded, with an AMOLED screen. That way, it is possible to use it even in more casual situations, during the day or at night. In addition, all settings and monitoring can be adjusted through this touch screen.

Among the functions available in Samsung’s best cost-effective smartwatch are present: blood pressure monitoring, stress tracker and hours of sleep. All of this allows not only a daily monitoring but also a more detailed analysis through the Samsung Health application.

In addition to these functions, it is also possible for the user to monitor more than 39 exercises. Thus, with the help of GPS and motion sensors, the time of activities, intensity and other issues can also be assessed.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can run for up to approximately 45 hours in moderate use. However, if the usage is very intense, with many hours of monitoring, this duration may decrease slightly.

To recharge, simply use the Wireless Power Share wireless system. It is also possible to use the charger that comes with the model.


  • Good cost-benefit
  • Nice size screen
  • Light and very beautiful design
  • Has LTE variant
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Intermediate battery life
  • A little thick body
  • Few compatible apps
  • Small screen

3. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – $219.99

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro
Samsung Smartwatch for Full Exercise

Those who practice physical exercises and seek above all a smartwatch to perform the monitoring, get to know the Samsung Gear Git2 Pro. With its simple system and focused on monitoring, your exercises will be even more interesting.

Because it is a basic device, its design also follows this same line. That’s because its curved compact body and its silicone bracelet fit the wrist perfectly.

In terms of screen, the smartwatch features a 1.5-inch display and AMOLED screen. In addition to having a very good resolution, it also has great colors and brightness control. However, it is important to note that due to its function and also the size of its screen, it is not possible to display much information on it.

Unlike some models, this smartwatch is not intended, for example, for displaying photos or typing messages.

To navigate the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro just press the digital buttons on the screen or its physical buttons.

Within the navigations, it is possible to find: calorie monitoring, performance in sports such as swimming, cycling, running and walking. In addition, the classic heart rate sensors and sleep monitoring can also be used. All of this can be monitored and compared through Samsung Health.

A difference from other smartwatch models is its 5 ATM certification. This certification allows Gear Fit 2 Pro to be used underwater in swimming pools. That is, great for those who train in swimming and other water sports.

Finally, your battery can last up to two days with intense use of Wi-Fi and monitoring. However, when it is in economy mode or is being used little, it can reach up to four days in duration.

To charge it, simply place it on its base via induction and connect the base via a USB cable to a power source.



  • Good compatibility
  • Compact
  • Underwater use allowed
  • Presence of physical buttons
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Trustworthy


  • Short battery life
  • Small screen
  • Application is a little confusing

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4. Samsung Galaxy Fit – $99.99

Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Smart Watch for Cheap Workouts

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a smartwatch, but you also want to have a quality product, check out Samsung’s model, the Galaxy Fit. Despite being a simple model, it fulfills everything that it promises.

With a 1.39 inch screen and 454 x 454 pixel AMOLED resolution, Galaxy Fit features a great screen, with vibrant colors and good lighting. In addition, when it comes to material, it is made with a resistant rubber strap that allows a good fit with the wrist.

To set up and browse the best Samsung smartwatch for cheap exercise, just slide your touch screen. As well, it is also possible to control it through an interaction button present laterally.

Thus, there is no need to worry about usability on rainy days, where some screens have flaws in the touch.

Possible monitoring includes step counter, sleep monitoring, heart rate, running, cycling and many others. All of this is possible thanks to its sensors, such as the gyroscope, accelerometer and also the beat sensor.

Such monitoring often takes place automatically, however, when they are more specific activities, it is necessary to start monitoring manually.

Finally, its battery is 120 mAh, which guarantees an average life of up to 10 days, according to Samsung.


  • Price
  • Excellent AMOLED screen
  • Very high battery life
  • Great for sports
  • Simple to use and configure
  • Good water resistance


  • Does not have GPS
  • Absence of internal memory for music
  • No longer accepts applications

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Bt – $189.00

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bt
Best Modern Samsung Smartwatch for Everyday Life

If you want to have a modern smartwatch that fulfills its functions of physical activities, but that can also be used at any time, know the Samsung Galaxy Watch Bt.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Bt has a touch screen of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 360 pixels. While the screen is small, it is also capable of showing all the necessary information.

Its AMOLED screen guarantees good color quality, contrast and brightness. The brightness adjustment can occur manually or automatically, which makes it much easier to use it in well-lit environments or not.

Like other smartwatch models, Bt also has monitoring for more than 39 physical activities, sleep and also heartbeat.

However, one of the highlights and differentials of Bt is the possibility of making phone calls. These calls can be made either by speakerphone or by wireless headphones connected via Bluetooth.

In addition, you can also listen to your favorite music through applications and control electronic devices via the IoT function. With it, your Smart TV, air conditioning and washing machine through the Smarthings app.

In terms of battery, its capacity lasts 4 days. However, if the use is very intense and involves activities such as listening to music, this duration can be reduced. It is charged by induction.


  • Modern design
  • Possibility to make connections
  • IoT function
  • Internal memory for music
  • Clear OLED screen
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Two sizes


  • Limited iOS compatibility
  • High Price
  • Intermediate battery

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Now that you know better what are the main points to keep in mind when choosing the best Samsung smartwatch, it’s time to choose yours. So, at the time of purchase, be sure to check each of the features we scored.

Thus, your chance of hitting the perfect model is much greater. Also, be sure to meet the seller for the best Samsung smartwatch that we brought on our exclusive list.


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