Top Best Smartwatches To Buy: Cool Prices

Looking for the best smartwatches on the market for your needs that is compatible with your smartphone? We have listed the top best wearables, we selected options for each operating system (Android / iOS) and different prices.

Smartwatches are the new world trend in the technological market. These devices promise to make people’s lives easier in ways that conventional clocks can’t, showing data like sleep analysis, calories, steps taken in the day, heartbeat, etc.

We chose the smartwatch models below based on the quality and technological innovation of each one. After that, we take into account the cost-benefit, durability, features, battery life, and unique features such as;

  • Operational system,
  • Dust and water resistance,
  • Storage,
  • Functions and notifications,
  • Screen quality and resolution,
  • Bracelet type and strength,
  • GPS accuracy and cardiac monitoring.

In addition to the points mentioned above, user evaluation and complaints were decisive in compiling this ranking with the best smartwatches for sale in the world today.

Best iPhone / iOS Smartwatch

There is no discussion as to the best smartwatch for iPhone and iOS systems today, it is the Apple Watch. Regardless of the version, you can buy (iWatch 3, 4, or 5), you will make the best purchase if you own an Apple iPhone.

Due to the style, build quality, and prestige of Apple’s smartwatch models, they are commonly the best sellers for women. However, its price is the biggest problem for most people.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series - Best Smartwatches To Buy

The Apple smartwatch was created specifically for the iOS system, so it offers a level of compatibility that Android smartwatches can only dream of. This integration is the main differentiator of Apple products, once, inside the Apple ecosystem, you will hardly see yourself outside it.

The design is another positive point of the model that served as inspiration for several smartwatches. With high definition IPS screen, excellent tactile feedback, and wears, the most fluid system among today’s smartwatches, the Apple Watch is generations ahead of the competition. In addition, it offers several apps in its app store, all with excellent fluidity and interface.

However, Apple wearables do have some downsides that can make you give up buying them. The main ones are, that they sometimes cost up to 3 times more than a top-of-the-line Android smartwatch, there is no possibility of repair if the screen breaks, and the battery lasts for 16 hours.


  • Build quality and finish
  • Fluid and fast system
  • Apple Worldwide Warranty
  • Crisp screen and excellent quality
  • Waterproof
  • Light and comfortable on the wrist


  • High price
  • Fragile screen (requires glass film)
  • Incompatible with Android

Best Android Smartwatch

There are several Android smartwatches currently on the market, some being more expensive and from more traditional brands, such as Samsung. However, our choice was based on the requirements we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, and the title went to the Amazfit GTS.


Amazfit Gts - Best Smartwatches To Buy

The Amazfit GTS smartwatch is undoubtedly the smartwatch you should buy this year. Its design is updated, with a clear AMOLED screen and with great color and contrast quality, in addition, it has a battery for more than 10 days of use.

The construction and quality of the materials far exceed the Amazfit Bip, making the GTS model a top-of-the-line. This, with virtually the same size and weight, offers comfort and better durability.

The operating system is proprietary, that is, it will be limited to applications and functions pre-installed on the watch. However, it offers everything you could need, alarm, app notifications, physical activity monitoring (built-in GPS + Glonass), high precision frequency meter (heartbeat), sleep analysis, etc.

So, if you are looking for the best Android smartwatch to buy today, you will definitely not regret buying the Amazfit GTS. In addition to being compatible with Android smartphones, it is also compatible with iPhone (however, it will not have the same amount of functionality). Amazfit XIAOMI AMAZFIT GTS smartwatch costs $99.96 on Amazon and up to ₦45,000 on Jumia and in the Nigerian market.


  • Crisp, high-definition display
  • Battery life (14 days)
  • Precise sensors with BioTracker technology
  • Light and beautiful
  • Waterproof
  • Cost-benefit


  • Availability
  • No official warranty in some countries

Best Cost Benefit

The most cost-effective smartwatch remains the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. Even though it doesn’t have an incredible screen, the best sensors, and the system, it is the one that offers more for the price charged.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Bip S

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip S

The Amazfit Bip is the best-selling smartwatch currently due to its low cost and efficiency. It features a simple screen, with colors that do not excite, but in bright light, it has the best readability.

Its sensors are decent and come with GPS, enough combination for you to practice physical activities outdoors without having to carry your cell phone along. The notification system works well, but only while the cell phone is paired and in range of Bluetooth.

The battery is undoubtedly a great asset of the model since it lasts more than 20 days easily. This happens due to the lower energy consumption screen, which reflects the light directed to it instead of increasing the brightness level.

If you want a smartwatch to receive message notifications, and calls, and monitor physical activity, heart rate, and sleep data, Amazfit Bip will be enough. It is relatively cheap for what it offers, costing less than $60, you can get it as low as ₦ 25,000.


  • Battery life (+20 days)
  • Readability in bright sunlight
  • Compatible with receiving notifications from multiple apps
  • Light, beautiful, and resistant
  • Best cost-benefit
  • Waterproof


  • Panel quality (washed colors)
  • No official warranty in some countries

Best Chinese Smartwatch

Chinese smartwatches are alternatives to access the world of wearables without spending a lot. Currently, the best China smartwatch (and the best-selling ones) are those from the IWO and Amazfit line, which have a good experience and an affordable price.

IWO 12 smartwatch

Iwo 12 Smartwatch

The IWO 12 smartwatch is good for anyone looking for a cheap option for the Apple Watch. Of course, it is far from having the same features, speed, monitoring efficiency, and compatibility, as apple watches. However, costing 10 times less will allow you to read notifications, track physical activity, sleep and, of course, see the time.

Its IPS screen has good quality, and vivid colors and sharpness are not to be missed. In two size options (40mm / 44mm) it has practically the same features and battery life (over 10 days).

The system is fluid, with applications in your language, and allows pairing with any Android smartphone. This version has more than 30 options of Watch faces to use, which is good, since the system is generic and owns the Chinese brand, and does not allow the installation of other watch faces/applications.

Anyway, the IWO 12 smartwatch offers a lot for the price at $25 and around ₦15,000 in Nigeria. Being an excellent option for those who do not want to spend a lot and want to have the amenities offered by the smartwatch.


  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Durable battery
  • Features the most used features
  • Light and comfortable
  • More than 30 watch faces
  • Water resistance


  • No national guarantee
  • Durability

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