Boko Haram‘s Last Laugh

Boko Haram‘s Last Laugh

What was once a disturbing rumor is gradually becoming a worrying reality, while a feverish attempt to reward Boko Haram through the creation of an agency is moving through Nigeria’s National Assembly.

The jewel in the irrefutable and perverse crown would be the foreign education to be extended to the terrorists who allegedly took the road to Damascus.

Now, this is extremely portentous for very obvious reasons. Every demanding Nigerian and even the most indifferent of neutrals agrees that for more than a decade, Nigerians have not had an ounce of peace because of Boko Haram’s activities.

The serenity that comes from security has been ripped from Nigerians, as news of one attack after another overwhelms the news channels.

To say the least, since 2009, Boko Haram’s activities have transformed Nigeria’s turtle. The effects were devastating and cascading. In a word, they have been generational.

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However, it seems that, in a show that smells of nothing but cowardice, complicity and commitment, some of those who have committed wicked crimes against Nigerians are about to receive juicy carrots instead of very dry toothpicks.

To his credit, since the voracious animal that Boko Haram is raised as its indescribably grotesque head, Nigeria’s security forces have given as much as was thrown at them in extremely difficult circumstances.

They faced a dark force with heroic courage. A good number of them in their own blood recorded their names in Nigeria’s growing chronicle of misfortunes.

Not so long ago, some of the bereaved spouses raised the alarm that there was a well-designed plan to reintegrate and reintroduce so-called repentant members of Boko Haram into Nigerian society.

Experience has shown that the worst evils can come from good intentions. For decades, Nigerians have been a fervent suspect of those who represent them in the National Assembly.

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Some of them have been shown many times as selfish and little more. It seems to explain, for example, why some truly horrible projects that must be discarded in a matter of minutes have large amounts of legislative time.

Nigerians so used to extending the benefit of the doubt are eagerly waiting to see the path the current National Assembly would take on issues of national importance.

The Nigerian is at the height of insecurity. In the face of such dark darkness, measuring words that might shine light would be equivalent to complicity.

It must be clear to those who are actively defending this farce that they reward Boko Haram’s savagery that any attempt to calm them down or spoil them in any way would constitute a betrayal of the living and the dead.

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It takes a lot of naivety to think that a leopard can move. It is a dangerous illusion to think that Boko Haram members can repent or be radicalized.

Those who have brought so much Nigerian agony may have only one place in the country and that must be beyond prison bars.

As it is, the waters were muddy and bloody. Innocent Nigerians are doing everything possible to keep their heads up.

To reintroduce these turbulent waters, the barracudas that disturbed their serenity under any pretext would be an unforgivable betrayal of the Nigerian people and all the sacrifices plucked from them in the war against Boko Haram.

In this, Nigerians are looking forward to seeing those who would join the army of Judas.

Credits: The Nation


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