Profitable Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

Like the proverbial ‘what a man can do a woman can do it better.’ In this present economic predicament, no woman is ready to sit down at home idle. They all want to make money. if you want to start a business as a lady in Nigeria but don’t know which business to consider, below are profitable Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria you cant start today and smile at the bank.

Gone are those days when women stayed for so many hours in the kitchen cooking and doing some other house chores. Though they still cook and do house cleaning too now but hardly will you see one answering the beautiful ‘housewife’ again.

Profitable Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

However, if you are ready to make your own money as a woman but don’t know which business to venture into, the following list of business ideas and opportunities for women should be helpful.

1. Catering

If you derive pleasure in cooking, then you should be able to do well in the catering business because good food will always rake in good cash.

The good thing about this business is that you can begin it with low capital investment irrespective of the scale – be it small, medium, or big scale.

2. Fashion Design

Fashion design is another profitable business idea for women. Fashion design or Tailoring as it’s popularly known is not a tasking business to start.

Essentially, some women do prefer going for the training before dabbling into this lucrative business idea. It’s stressful and rewarding though but there is another way you can run the business.

There are plenty of tailors out there to whom you can have a deal of outsourcing the tailoring. You have them sew clothes by using different designs of your choice, attach your own business labels to the clothes and market them in corporate offices or better still, boutiques. to get started, you need to get trained, see the Top Fashion Schools In Lagos: Location and Contact to get trained today.

3. Day Care

Not every mother has the time to babysit their kids, this is simply because you all (women) want to make money. Since you will be having your own kids to take care of anyway, why not turn it into business? Two opportunities await you in this business idea.

You get the chance of looking after your own kids plus you earn cool cash looking after other children in the process.

4. Rental Business

Don’t be deceived that this is a business meant for men. The rental business isn’t a difficult task; it involves leasing out canopies, plastic tables & chairs, etc. for people on an agreed fee. This rental business is a reliable, lucrative, and comfortable business that generates a steady flow of income.

With the certainty that there will be a ceremonial event like weddings, house warming, birthday parties, etc. every week, it’s obvious that the organizer will rent chairs, tables, and canopies for the event, thus the demand for the rentals equipment will always be huge.

This is a nice business idea and opportunity for the mummies who enjoy staying at home.

5. Agriculture

Are you surprised to see this on the list of business ideas for women? Don’t be! I don’t need to spend much time on this because we all know the benefit of agriculture as a business abound.

Under this heading, you can start bean flour production, cassava processing, poultry farming, snail farming, Moringa pod dealer, Cashew nut dealer, etc. As a woman who decided to venture into this business sector, remember the old cliche ‘what a man can do a woman can do it better.’

Should you decide that this business idea for women is way too much for you, please move on to the next one. Read Also: How To Start Grasscutter Farming Business: 2020 Beginners Guide

6. Event Planning

As a woman of impact in society, you could earn a fortune by working as an event planner. No special office is needed to be an event planner. So far you possess the skill to plan and or organize a large event, then you are ready to go.


In conclusion, it’s easier to say than do. Having read this piece to the end, why don’t you pick one that interests you and capitalize on it immediately?