How To Make Millions In Real Estate Business

Today, we will be discussing with you, how you can make millions of Naira in the real estate business here in Nigeria, either as a real Estate agent or as an investor without encountering any problem.

Have you been browsing through the internet for profitable business ideas you can start and earn massively at the end of the deal? Do you need business opportunities available in the real estate industry? If yes, congratulations for coming down here.

Regardless of the social status, anyone can venture into the real estate business irrespective of the available startup capital be it thousands, millions or billions of naira, or without any money at all and still achieve the desired aims – that is to acquire enormous profit and establish steady income.

Why Real Estate Business?

In case you are wondering if the real estate industry is truly a better place for you to put on your hard-earned money, why don’t you consider the following?

  • Profitability

In Nigeria today, if there’s any business that’s profitable enough that one can do to make millions out of a single deal no doubt it has to be real estate business. What do you think it means to buy a piece of land and flip it after two or three years? The rate at which the price will have been doubled wouldn’t be overemphasized.

  • No Definite Startup Capital

One interesting thing about the business is that the investment capital varies and it gives room for everyone to venture into it. You can start a real estate business without a dime by becoming a real estate agent and if you are very good at the art, you stand the chance of raking home millions. Are you surprised? Don’t be!

  • Comfortability

Another interesting thing about this business sector is its convenience.  Becoming a realtor comes with comfortability, especially, if you have your office in urban areas like Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Porthacort, and other major cities in Nigeria.

  • Reliability

If you are not convinced enough why the real estate business is for you, why don’t you look at it from this angle? The business is very reliable and worthy of dependency.

Who Is A Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent is that individual who is authorized to acts for, or on behalf of the owner of a property (the principal), or one entrusted with house and properties to act in place of the owner. Hence, an agent has the power and authority of the real owner of a property to sell, buy, rent, lease and maintain it in such a way and manner that will generate huge profits into the owner’s advantage.

The easiest way to make money in Nigeria is as a real Estate Agent, you don’t need years of experience to become a Real Estate agent. in fact, anybody can become a real estate agent in Nigeria and Earn commissions. If you want to become a successful real Estate agent in Nigeria and partner with the biggest real estate companies in Nigeria and Earn as high as 15% per sale of lands and properties me up on 08168710034 or the number beneath this post.

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Who Is A Real Estate Investor?

A real estate investor is that individual who put his own money into a particular property in other to make a substantial amount of money – as a return – at the end of the day. An investor can, therefore, be a house owner, a developer, a lessor, and the likes.

They are the prominent individuals in the society who put their lives savings into the real estate business. Therefore, not everybody can be a real estate investor, the reason being that a real estate investor must be someone who has the ability to take the risk.

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How To Make Millions In Real Estate Business: As An Agent Or Investor

To be discussed below are the business ideas and opportunities available in the real estate business that you can capitalize on to make millions of Naira; whether as a business agent or as a real estate investor.

Without further delay, put on your entrepreneurial hat and follow me as I unfold the million making business in the real estate industry.

1. Become a Property Manager

While people are paying millions to rent apartments in areas like Lekki, Banana Island, Ajah, and another fascinating area of Lagos. Can you imagine what it means to be the one managing such properties?

What do you even think it means to be managing a property or properties in other cities like Abuja, Kano, Enugu, Porthacort, and the likes? When as a property manager, you have certain percentages on every rent you received, 10% to be precise.

So, should you be managing a few properties in those areas, trust me, you will be swimming in millions. So, therefore, property managing is one of the business opportunities you can establish a steady financial cash flow from in the real estate sector.

However, you can begin this real estate business agent without a dime, but if you are patient enough, you will grow into a giant realtor. So, therefore, become a real estate agent today and let 2020 be your year of financial breakthrough.

2. Buyer’s Agent

If you are considering venturing into real estate business in 2020 and beyond, a buyers agent is an option for you, most especially, if you are starting with little or no startup capital at hand.

Buyers agent helps people who want to buy a house to find their desired home.  They show them a series of available houses and properties that are for sale and handle all other aspects of the property transaction till the deal is completed.

If you reside in Abuja or Lagos, you can earn tremendously as a buyers agent because of the influx of people coming to settle down in the city for one reason or the other. Since they wouldn’t know many places and how the real estate business is run here in Nigeria, your service as a buyer agent will definitely be needed.

Even if you can’t afford to rent an apartment to serve as your office, you can still make it big in this business. I knew of few real estate agents who started small using a kiosk as their office. Today, the finest estates in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan and other cities in Nigeria are under their care.

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Therefore, you don’t have to wait till you raise startup capital, with few connections with house owners, you can become your own true boss in this real estate business. As simple as that!

As I have stated above, if you want to become an agent and earn 15% commissions, call or chat with me at 08168710034. I guarantee you can start earning in Days provided you are willing to follow the guidelines I will be providing.

3. Start a Space Leasing

Do you know what it means to own land property in a commercial environment like Lagos, Porthacort, Abuja, Enugu, and Kano? If you have any landing spaces that you are not ready to use, why don’t you lease them out to business owners on a makeshift use?

Why the landing space may be too small for you or if you don’t have the capacity or intention to develop anything on the land soon, small business owners like a car wash, vendors, vulcanizer, mechanics to mention but a few are always on the watch for any landing space they can lease with tempting payment in return just for them to run their business.

What’s more, with just a landing space situated in a commercial environment, you can become an investor who will be raking in millions yearly without a capital investment. This is just as simple as it is!

You can start and list your properties for lease on sites like Jiji, property pro, and

4. Property Development

Property development is a real estate business opportunity for investors. As an investor, you can generate as twice as your capital investment in this real estate business. This is, in fact, one of the real estate niches for the big guns in the sector.

Property development has become the order of the day in places like Abuja, Lagos, and Ibadan. In fact, this is where some of the influential people in the real estate sector are charting home millions. Albeit, you must be strong and gallant financially, too, if you will venture into this niche.

So, if you are planning to invest your money in the real estate business in 2020, you should consider property development. Generally, properties tend to increase or hold their value, depending on certain conditions, which is why they are considered a safe investment.

In the same vein, in the property development business, you don’t just buy, develop and sell at any amount that pleases you. If care is not taken, you can incur losses that way.

The best way to do it is by summing up all the expenses used in the course of the development plus the initial capital investment. Doing this will give you a considerable amount that pays.

If for instance, you buy the property for N80 million in the capital city, Abuja, you develop it with N70 million, then you can sum it up to determine the price you will resell the property. In this scenario, selling the developed property for N300 million isn’t a bad business. Is it?

5. Land acquisition

Similarly, land acquisition is another real estate business you can invest your money and earn twice as the capital investment.  This business opportunity in the real estate sector is also known as land flipping.

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As of now, this is presently a lucrative and profitable business opportunity in places like Ibadan, Abuja, Kwara, and Abeokuta, landowners in these major cities are seriously in their prime now. They are acting like a king with lands on their own.

As a matter of fact, as profitable as this business niche is, sometimes around last year, a friend of mine bought land in one of the major cities here in Nigeria for N2.1 Million Naira. Recently, he told me that he wanted to sell the same piece of land for N4.5 Million Naira but none of the buyers are ready to pay above N4.1Million so he decided not to sell it again.

Do you know why he refused such an enormous offer? Because he is pretty sure that the value of the land will keep on appreciating no matter how long it takes and as such, he has no reason to rush things.

So, land flipping is another real estate business you can capitalize on and earn more than an 85% profit margin as a business investor within a few months. Should the land be situated in a good location, that will be another Jackpot!

6. House/office Rent

What could be more reliable and profitable than building houses, shops, stores, warehouses, offices, etc., in the commercial hub of Nigeria like Lagos, Kano, Enugu, Porthacort, and the capital city itself, Abuja and put them up for rent? Nothing, isn’t it?

Hence, house or office rent is another fascinating real estate business opportunity for big investors. In fact, this is where the wealthy and prominent personalities in Nigeria invested their money.

Thus, if you will be going into this business, it is not necessary that you have many properties before you can kick start, with those few houses or shops you have at hand, you can earn tens of thousands of millions yearly from them.

In addition, there’s more to just building houses, stores, offices and others and renting them out, there are some certain things you will need to put into consideration if you are going to invest in this niche.

Among them is “location”. Location is of utmost priority if you actually mean business. You can’t build offices and warehouses in a village and expect it to yield the desired results.

When in reality, properties of such nature will be celebrated in places like Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, and Kano because of the high level of commercial activities running there.

In the long run, instead of leaving your money to be resting in the bank, you can have them working for you while you’re sleeping.


Without mincing words and much ado, it’s obvious and apparent from the above discussed that there are numerous ways to make millions in the real estate business whether you are acting as an agent or as an investor.

While the new year is here, take your time to decide on which of the above real estate business opportunities you are going to venture into. It’s up to you whether to start as an agent or as an investor. Remember, no amount of money is too small in this business.


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