Coronavirus: Lafarge Opens Up On Italian’s Visit to Nigeria

Lafarge Apologises For Role In Nigeria’s Coronavirus Index Case

Industrial Plc industrial director Segun Soyoye has now given reasons for the Italian’s visit, which was confirmed positive for the coronavirus last Thursday.

He said the foreigner was invited to his Lafarge facility in Ewekoro, Ogun state, to inspect some machine facilities purchased from a Swedish company.

This disclosure occurred during an on-site assessment by the host state government, the Nigeria Disease Control Center (NCDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) staff.

Soyoye also said that the guesthouse where the Italian was staying is 5 km from the Ewekoro factory.

“The Italian came for a business visit. He was in Lagos on Monday and slept at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja. Our driver took him there, and when we noticed abnormal temperatures and symptoms, we quickly set up an emergency response team, led by the company’s CEO; we have to find a way to analyze and identify not only Italians but also other contacts”, mentioned Mr. Soyoye.

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The official also said that 39 people suspected of having had contact with the Italian were quarantined.

“Today (Saturday) is the 3rd; they will be there for up to 14 days. “We will continue to observe and check on them; we have their database, showing their biological data and other information,” he said. “The doctor is on ground and what he is doing is checking them regularly. So far, everyone is stable; they are not symptomatic, we are offering everything there.

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“The other thing I didn’t say is that the clinic used for the infected person is closed, disinfected and everyone there has been moved.

“All employees on duty that day were also quarantined, so they will remain there for 14 days as well,” said Soyoye.

Meanwhile, Lafarge management and the Ogun state government have denied the closure of the cement production company.

The state government, through Ogun Commissioner for Health, Tomi Coker, praised Lafarge Africa for the quick and proactive steps taken so far.

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She also said that an Emergency Operations Committee has been activated to manage any developments that may arise from reported cases of coronavirus.

In addition, Ibrahim Mamadu, team leader for the World Health Organization (WHO) Nigeria, also praised the internal processes carried out by Lafarge Africa so far to contain the deadly disease.

He did, however, advise the company and others to purchase digital thermometers to check body temperature instead of infrared thermometers to get an accurate body temperature reading.


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