Countries and Capitals of Africa: Full List

This article focuses on the list of countries and capitals of Africa, you will get to know each country and its capital. Africa is a continent located in the central zone of the globe, it has the highest number of languages and tribes. Africa is a beautiful place to be with different wild creatures which tourist loved.

Africa is the second largest continent in terms of size and population. It limits to the north with the Mediterranean Sea that separates it from the European continent to the south and east with the Indian Ocean and to the west with the Atlantic Ocean.

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Thus, the African continent is made up of 54 countries.

List of African Countries and Capitals

African countries with their capitals are:

  1. Angola: Luanda
  2. Algeria: Algiers
  3. Benin : Porto Novo
  4. Botswana: Gaborone
  5. Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou
  6. Burundi: Gitega
  7. Cape Verde: Praia
  8. Cameroon: Yaoundé
  9. Chad: N’Djamena
  10. Comoros: Moroni
  11. Congo: Brazzaville
  12. Ivory Coast: Yamoussoukro
  13. Djibouti: Djibouti
  14. Egypt: Cairo
  15. Eritrea: Asmara
  16. Ethiopia : Addis Ababa
  17. Gabon: Libreville
  18. The Gambia: Banjul
  19. Ghana: Accra
  20. Guinea: Conakry
  21. Guinea Bissau: Bissau
  1. Equatorial Guinea: Malabo
  2. Kenya: Nairobi
  3. Lesotho: Maseru
  4. Liberia: Monrovia
  5. Libya: Tripoli
  6. Madagascar : Antananarivo
  7. Malawi: Lilongwe
  8. Mali: Bamako
  9. Morocco : Rabat
  1. Mauritius: Port Louis
  2. Mauritania: Nouakchott
  3. Mozambique: Maputo
  4. Namibia : Windhoek
  5. Niger : Niamey
  6. Nigeria: Abuja
  7. Central African Republic: Bangui
  8. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Kinshasa
  9. Rwanda: Kigali
  10. St. Tomé and Príncipe: São Tomé
  11. Senegal: Dakar
  12. eychelles : Victoria
  13. Sierra Leone: Freetown
  14. Somalia: Mogadishu
  15. South Africa: Cape Town
  16. Sudan : Khartoum
  17. South Sudan: Yuba
  18. Swazilandiland: Mbabane
  19. Tanzania: Dodoma
  20. Togo: Lomé
  21. Tunisia: Tunisia
  22. Uganda: Kampala
  23. Zambia: Lusaka
  24. Zimbabwe: Harare
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With the list of countries and capitals of Africa, we expect you to have known one or two things about the great continent.


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