Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations in Africa 【2021】

Best Tourist Destinations in Africa

Are you planning to tour beautiful places in Africa? Then this is a must-read as here we have provided you the top Best Tourist Destinations in Africa.

For all those who love exotic and paradisiacal places, there is a space on the globe that unites these characteristics and others just as captivating: Africa. Known as the black continent, it is just what the good adventurer is looking for.

Since ancient times, the inhabitants of other territories of the world have wanted to explore the African land and know the immense range of natural and cultural attractions that are found there, and this is more than justifiable if you are aware of the beauty of the continent has.

Many regions are centers of cultural manifestations inherited from distant times in which the different civilizations built their particular way of life and took it to other parts, leaving a legacy both traditionally and spiritually.

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On the other hand, if your desire is to do tourism in Africa, do not doubt that you will have the opportunity to get in touch with a true earthly paradise that contains jungles, islands, and savannahs full of unmatched charm.

So without further ado, let’s start with the list of the best tourist destinations in Africa:

Zanzibar is one of the best islands in Tanzania, Africa. Access can be by land or by air. To get away from the stress that routines generate, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and best tourist destinations in Africa.

Among its main features, Zanzibar has numerous national parks where it is possible to see exotic species such as the secretary bird and the Komodo dragon.

On the other hand, you have the beautiful beaches that make up the island, including the Bwenjuu, which has very fine resort offering rooms, a private kitchen and an open-air bath. The building has glass walls from which you can appreciate a spectacular view of the different places.

Another activity that would guarantee your satisfaction in such a paradise is swimming in the company of dolphins, which inhabit the coasts of the island. You just have to hire the service of a guide who will rent you a small boat in which you will sail to the appropriate area, and then jump into the sea and enjoy the beautiful swimmers.

2. Seychelles

Among the places to visit in Africa is Seychelles, located northeast of Madagascar. To get to this island, it is possible to take a flight from Nigeria, lasting approximately one hour. You should know that to maintain your stay here, your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months.

There are many spaces that house such a beautiful group of islands, as an example you have the Digue beach, known for its large expanse of silver sand and calm waters, which is why it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Africa and from where some unique photographs come out.

There is also the tiny city called Victoria, considered the smallest capital in the world and where you will lose yourself in pleasure when appreciating the wonders that are hidden there. The Botanical Garden is a space that has representative species of the country such as the giant tortoise.

It is important that you consider the times of the year for your trip to Africa, especially to Seychelles, where the months of December to March are the best for taking a walk in good weather, being part of an active and dynamic environment, and above all, taking advantage of the service offers.

3. Marrakech

Marrakech is a city located in Morocco and known as one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. It stands on the edge of the atlas and can be accessed from the capital by means of a train that will take a two-hour trip. So get ready to discover a destination with European features, similar to those found in Seville or Granada.

You can start your experience in Jamaa El Fna Square, where artists and singers from various parts gather to entertain visitors. Rich typical delicacies are also offered.

In traditional Hamman, a local Arab bath, you may wash and exfoliate yourself with aromatic spices like jasmine and lavender flowers. This activity will make you relax and all the fatigue of your body will disappear. At the entrance of the center there is a guide that tells part of the history of the city.

Regarding accommodation, Marrakech has the Hôtel Riad Gnaoua, specialized in first-class services, such as:

  • Spa.
  • Restaurant.
  • Free massage room.

All you have to do is grab your luggage, pack your camera, and go on the best of adventures on your African vacation.

4. Kilimanjaro

The fabulous Kilimanjaro mountain is located in the northeast of Tanzania, made up of three huge volcanoes: the Shira, the Mawenzi and the Uhuru. To climb the massif it is advisable to walk in a group and carry all the necessary implements to anticipate an incident. The expedition to the best places can last from seven to eight days.

A feature of this huge formation are the snowy accumulations found around the summit, from where you can take impressive photographs and enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes that are perceived.

As one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Africa, Kilimanjaro is the center of many sports and recreational activities, such as mountaineering, which you can practice from July to October to avoid the rainy season. It is important that you maintain good physical condition and always count on the help of a specialized guide.

To climb the mountain, you can depart from Moshi or Arusha, reserving your ticket at Kilimanjaro International Airport, or if you prefer, it is also possible to disembark in Nairobi and take a bus to Arusha. However you arrive, do not miss the opportunity to be in the beautiful African National Park.

5.  Mauritius

The tropical island of Mauritius is located in the southern Indian Ocean, within Madagascar and famous among the natural attractions of Africa.

Once you are on this impressive island, there are many activities to carry out. One of them is a visit to the best beaches, where you can stroll aboard a yacht without fear of the waves, as these are of very low frequency. In turn, there is also the practice of snorkeling, where you will see many kinds of fish.

If you are a lover of mythology, there are around the island the temples of the Grand Bassin, centered on a large well and where the statue of Shiva and other monuments of Hindu culture appear. In addition, it gathers thousands of faithful around many parts of the world.

As an option for your stay in the area, you have The Residence Mauritius hotel, which is in front of a beautiful beach and has services such as:

  • Private spa.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Two restaurants specialized in Indian and Chinese food.

6. Table Mountain

Table Mountaine, known as Table Mountain, is a majestic relief elevation located in the Cape Town area of ​​South Africa. It is considered one of the best representative symbols of the town and one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. It is a very important mountain to South Africans, can be reached by taking an excursion or by using the cable car from the center.

Having as its main feature a huge plateau of three kilometers from side to side, and made up of the Devil’s Peak and the lion’s head, this mountainous formation serves as a tourist setting center for the city, for this reason, you can approach it and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, which must be treasured in a few photographs.

Among the activities you can do at Table Mountain is hiking. Prepare to feast on seductive greenery as you hike the extensive steep cliffs that surround the summit. The duration of this adventure is between two and four hours, depending on the physical conditions you have and the characteristics of the places.

You should know that the attraction is ideal if you visit between September and November, since, at the beginning of spring, it takes on a wild and very cozy touch. In addition to this, it has moderate temperatures that will make you always want to travel to Africa.

7. Masai Mara

The Masai Mara Nature Reserve is located in the south-west of Kenya and is part of the Serengeti National Park. To get there, you can take a car in Nairobi that will take you between four and five hours. Traveling in your own car or bus is one of the best alternatives.

There are many wonders that you will see within the Maasai Mara. From the outset, you have a splendid fauna that ranges from lions to giraffes, which you can photograph from inside your car.

For being one of the best places for Safaris in Africa, the park is frequented by thousands of tourists during the year, and this is verifiable if you note the number of activities that can be carried out, including balloon flights at sunrise and visits to the Masais tribe.

If you think about staying inside the park, you have the option of the Beyond Kichwa Tembo Tent Camp hotel, which has among its offer a service consisting of:

  • Restaurants
  • Private pool
  • A store with traditional items.

Do not hesitate any longer and think about the adventure you would do in one of the main tourist attractions in Africa.

8. Nile River

If you have not yet seen iconic places in Africa, expect to come to the famous River Nile in Egypt, which cut across 10 countries on the continent. Due to its length of approximately 6,853 km, it is considered the second longest river in the world. 

The Nile has been a symbol that determines the culture of the Egyptian civilization from its beginnings, that is why it attracts many tourists at any time of the year.

If you don’t know what to do in such a fantastic river, you can start by taking a cruise ride from any of the cities surrounding the shore. As you go seeing places, it would be ideal to take some good pictures.

It is also possible to see the enormous monuments that are in the valley and that are part of the cultural heritage of Egypt. These works include part of the Hindu and Islamic traditions.

Finally, be sure to take a tour to Luxor, where you will be accompanied by a tour guide who will walk with you showing you the attractions in the area, among them is the Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of the most famous monarchs of Egypt. In addition, you can contemplate a beauty in tale of architectural constructions

9. Lalibela

If you like mythical places, Lalibela represents a consecration of fascinating elements for you to enjoy to the fullest. Located in the state of Amhara, the city is one of the best tourist sites in Africa. You can transport yourself by car from central Ethiopia and arrive in just an hour.

Among the most visited destinations in the city, the Bet Giyorgis temple and the history of its king are essential. While there, you can go to the center of the church through a path carved out of a rock that leads to a patio with reddish-colored stone porticos. The photographs taken at these places are always beautiful and unique.

Likewise, hiking is one of the entertainment options, as Lalibela has mountains and valleys that adjoin crystal clear rivers. Generally, this activity is carried out with the advice of a tour guide.

To close your visit to such a beautiful paradise, the Exchange Market can be very pleasant to visit, especially if you need the variety of merchandise that is usually sold and the handcrafted pieces that the locals make, not in vain is it one of the most visited places in Africa.

10. Sidi Bou Said

In a corner of the Mediterranean stands a beautiful little town with narrow streets and white sand trails, on which rest the most picturesque houses that you have been able to see.

The place is none other than Sidi Bou Said, which can be reached in half an hour by means of a TGM train boarded at the Tunis Marine station, at the end of Bourguiba avenue, in Tunisia.

Among the best destinations to visit in the town is the magnificent Ennajma Ezzahara Palace, which in turn serves as a museum and training center for Mediterranean art.

After your walk, you will surely want to have a drink and rest. For this, there is the Café des Nattes, where a French cake with orange juice is ideal while you contemplate the beautiful landscape that emerges from the terrace of the establishment. Something not to let pass in any way.


The African continent is populated with immense beauty, capable of capturing the attention of any tourist. The list above of the top Best Tourist Destinations in Africa will sure help you choose and plan. This extraordinary place is home to plant and animal species that cannot fail to be seen by everyone who arrives, as its majesty seduces the senses in a unique way.

Victoria Falls, Lake Nakuru, the River Nile in Egypt or Kilimanjaro are just some of the wonderful attractions of Africa and you can treasure beautiful memories because it is not only about touring the corners, but you have access to the culture of the civilizations that inhabit the different areas.

For you to have an incomparable experience, take all the necessary precautions before traveling, this will allow you to avoid setbacks because although the continent owns a magical land, it is also true that there are very dangerous places. So get organized and enjoy all that Africa has to offer.


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