Court Jails Lecturer 21 Years For Raping Admission Seeker

A Lagos High-Court in the Ikeja area has sentenced Afeez Baruwa, a former part-time lecturer, to 21 years in prison for raping an 18-year-old girl who was seeking admission into the university.

Baruwa was convicted on a rape charge against him by the state government.

The convict reportedly raped the victim inside a study room when she was seeking university admission.

Judge Josephine Oyefeso, who handed down the trial on Thursday, found that the prosecution proved her case beyond any reasonable doubt and therefore found the defendant guilty of the charge.

The defense lawyer, in his alocutus (request for mercy before sentencing), said the rape was an offense to life imprisonment if found guilty.

He, therefore, asked the court to temper justice with mercy.

He also said that the convict was a first-time offender, a married man, with four children and elderly parents, whom he must attend to.

In the sentence, Judge Oyefeso said that “she cannot begin to imagine the girl’s emotional trauma”.

“The convict offended his family, victim, society and God,” she said.

The judge later sentenced the man to 21 years in prison.

The prosecution claimed that the ex-speaker raped the teenager at 9:25 am on July 23, 2015, in room 8 of the annex building of the Faculty of Business Administration at UNILAG.

The victim’s father, a friend of the speaker, sought his help in securing his daughter’s admission to the institution.

The rape is said to have occurred when she was in Baruwa’s office to make arrangements for her admission to the university.

Four prosecution witnesses testified during the Baruwa trial, including the plaintiff, her father, a doctor and the investigating police officer.

The prosecution closed its case against the speaker on January 23, 2018.

Baruwa testified only in his defense, claiming that the claimant was his girlfriend and that he had consensual sex with her.

He also claimed that the girl seduced him in his office on the day the crime was committed.


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