Breaking: Court Acquits 91 Shite Members

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Judge Hajaratu Gwada of the Kaduna High Court dismissed on Friday and acquitted 91 Shite members also know as IMN the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, many of whom have been detained in prison since 2015.

IMN’s lawyer, lawyer Maxwell Kyon, told reporters that his clients have been charged with manslaughter punishable by death, criminal conspiracy and disturbance of peace.

He said the state was unable to prove his case beyond any reasonable doubt; therefore, he submitted a caseless submission to Justice Gwada, which was granted.

He regretted that the system kept individuals in custody for no time for so long, emphasizing that some of them lost their wives, children, admission to a tertiary institution while in custody.

He said Kaduna State should take responsibility for rehabilitating his clients by keeping them in prison for four years, without a case.

“The government must get involved with us and get a figure as compensation for those whose four years of detention at the Correctional Center have been wasted.

“The government had these people arrested and sentenced to prison. We want the government to take full responsibility for the displacement of these people for four years. Many lost their jobs, some lost admissions to tertiary institutions and I know someone whose wife left while he was in prison, ”he said.

Regarding how much was demanded as compensation for the acquitted Shite Members, he said that it is not a matter of issuing a blank figure, but each one has a peculiar case, causing each person to be affected exclusively.

“Each one has a different loss, the government must sit with us to examine the cases individually. We want to believe that the government will be responsible enough without being forced by a court order.

“They knew that these people were not guilty on the basis of evidence, but they kept them in detention. We will proceed in any case that our clients ask of us ”, he added.

“This is the last pending case. The court examined all 31 witnesses withdrawn from the police and the army, who presented about 110 evidence. We were able to notify the court that there is nothing to link the suspects to the allegations against them. The court agreed to the submission of no case.

“They told the court that the soldiers had already told the IPO that it was a friendly fire that killed the deceased, Dan Kaduna, whose murder they were tried on,” he said.

Engineer Yahaya Gilima in a related development, said he lost five children in the 2015 clashes with the Army and on behalf of IMN, presented an award to attorney Kyon for representing the group well in all his affairs.

In presenting the sign, he said he was proud that the northern part of Nigeria now boasts a legal lamp in the class of the late Gani Fawenhinmi and Femi Falana, both lawyers from the southwest.


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