Dangers of Holding Urine For Too Long

Dangers of Holding Urine Too Long

A lot of people develop the habit of storing urine for as long as possible. This for reasons best known to them. But it should be known that there are Dangers of Holding Urine Too Long such as bladder rupture.

Urine is a major waste by which the body gets rid of excess salts, minerals, toxins and other wastes that could be harmful to the body. Passing out urine is very important.  A normal urination rate is about eight to ten times a day.  Keeping your bladder healthy is one very important fact that should always be put into consideration whenever there is a need to hold the urine.

The period of urine retention can initiate severe urinary infections and other bacterial infections that could affect the urinary tract and kidney just as much. below we will examine some Dangers of Holding Urine Too Long:

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– Kidney Stones:

Holding urine for a long period of time consistently pose about 60 percent of the reasons why many become infected with the disease of the kidney. Kidney stones are formed by excessive calcium and sodium build up in the kidney. These stones are unable to leave the body via the urinary tract and produce unbearable pain during urination.

– Swelling of The Bladder:

The bladder can hold up to about a quarter of the water we drink In a day. An average bladder can only store about 15 ounces of fluid. The more water consumed a day, the more they need for the bladder to store urine for so long. It places much pressure on the bladder and at certain ages, it becomes quite difficult to hold urine much longer.

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-urethritis: this refers to the inflammation of the bladder. Urethritis is usually caused by sexually transmitted infections or excessive urine retention. It causes a burning sensation during urination.

– Urine Leakage:

This is a common problem with urine retention. It affects both males and females but particularly the female folks. Urine leakage of bladder incontinence can affect all ages. It is not a disease but a sign that something is wrong.

– Cystitis:

This problem primarily affects women. It has to do with inflammation of the bladder walls. They cause severe pains to the pelvis.

Holding urine for long may also lead to several other adverse effects like the severity of cramps and stomach pains. They may also result in fever and constant pain during urination.

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By fighting the body’s urge to pass out urine over a long period of time can wreak havoc on the bladder. It is more likely to develop a distended bladder which provokes a situation where one is never really able to urinate normally again.

As time goes on, periods of urine retention can produce severe urinary infections and can spread to more serious conditions.

Treatment of bladder infections is a fairly simple antibiotic routine. Untreated bladder infections may lead to more severe outcomes such as bacterial bloodstream infections or kidney damages.

Try as much as possible to go the toilet when you’ve got to urinate before you become uncomfortable. See the doctor if you begin to detect urinary issues.


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