EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria and Price – How To Buy and Pay Later

EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria is a great initiative that allows Nigerians to buy phones of their choice on credit and pay later. Are you interested in EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria and their prices?

This is a complete guide on how to get EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria and pay later. Before delving into that, below are some information about EasyBuy Phones and how it works.

About EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria

EasyBuy Phones is a subsidiary and initiative of Palmcredit, one of the loans app in Nigeria. The initiative was started in January 2019 for Nigerians who are interested in buying expensive phones without the full fee.

The mobile financing platform sells different brands of phones to users with a 30% down payment and the rest are to be paid in Installments. You can get Tablets, iPhones, Infinix, Samsung, Oppo, Redmi, Tecno, Xiaomi, and any other phone brands at EasyBuy Phones.

The platform which sells phones on credit to users has different payment plans ranging from 3 months to 6 months plan depending on your capability. Also, an interest of about 0.2% is charged per day and 6% per month depending on your preferred phone and the agent agreement.

That being said, below are the requirements to get EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria.

EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria and Price - How To Buy and Pay Later
EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria

Requirements to Get EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria

While trying to cater to the needs of getting expensive phones, EasyBuy Phones ensures the security of their money by accessing the financial capability of their customers. Hence, to get access to EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria, the following requirements must be met.

You must have;

  • A valid Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • ATM Card
  • A Valid means of Identification whether a Driving License, Voters Card, Passport, or National ID Card.
  • Evidence of reliable source of income. For instance your payment slip from your employer or at least 6 months’ bank account statement.
  • Down payment of at least 30% of your preferred phone.

Do you meet all of these requirements? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get an Easy buy Phone and pay later.

How to Get EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria

Getting EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria is quite easy once you meet the requirements. All you need to do is follow these steps.

  • Visit the nearest EasyBuy Phones store or locate an EasyBuy agent in popular phone stores in your state. You can recognize an EasyBuy agent through their branded caps and t-shirts.
  • Make your intention known to the agent
  • Provide the above-listed documents and the agent will verify your eligibility for the loan
  • Pick your preferred phone and agree on the price
  • Enter an agreement with EasyBuy Phones Nigeria by signing up on the platform. The agent will take you through the process which includes taking your photograph and other information
  • Provide a 30% down payment of the agreed price of your chosen phone.
  • Verify the interest rate and choose a convenient repayment plan of 3 to 6 months depending on your capability
  • Provide the names and phone numbers of 4 guarantors whether your family, friends, or colleagues for final verification.
  • Upon successful completion of these processes, your phone will be released and you will be made to pay in installments for months depending on your repayment plan. Check out KiaKia Loan App: All You Need To Know

Step-by-step guide on how to Repay EasyBuy Phones Loan

There are many methods you can use to repay EasyBuy Phones Loan after buying on credit. You can choose to visit the store you bought the phone on credits to repay or deposit into the given bank accounts using any of the below methods.

  • Via the EasyBuy App
  • Via mobile app transfer
  • Via Bank Deposit
  • Via RAVE by Flutterwave

Have you bought a phone on installment successfully from EasyBuy Phones and you wish to repay your loans? Below are the steps to repay using Easy Buy Phones app.

  • Download the EasyBuy App on the Play store and install it
  • Open it and log in with your details
  • You will be taken to the homepage where you can see your EasyBuy Phones Loan
  • Click on the details option and choose repayment from the menu to pay. You choose to repay fully or pay in installments.
  • Input your card details and pay accordingly. See USSD Codes For Loans in Nigeria (All Bank Loan Codes in Nigeria)

EasyBuy Phones Contact Details and Addresses

Do you have any problems regarding buying phones on credit or repaying your loans? Below are the EasyBuy phone numbers, head office address, E-mail address, and other contact details.

Head Office: 9, Ogunnusi Road, Ogba, Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone number: 018888188, +2347043257113 (Available from 9 am to 5:30 pm every Monday to Friday)
Email Address: [email protected] or easybuy.servic[email protected]
Website: www.easybuyloans.com.
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/easybuy.loans/


With the above information, getting EasyBuy Phones in Nigeria should not be a problem. We advise you to buy only phones that you can comfortably pay for in installments to avoid any embarrassment. Also, do ensure to read all their terms and conditions before buying credits.


How do I get an Easy Buy Phone?

Visit www.easybuyloans.com to learn more about their services or to get started

How much is the interest in EasyBuy Phones?

The mobile device financing platform charges 0.2% daily and 6% monthly on any phones bought on credit.

How do I repay my EasyBuy Loan?

You can repay your EasyBuy Phones Loan through many means whether via the EasyBuy app, mobile app transfer, Bank Deposit, or RAVE by Flutterwave.

Can I Borrow money from EasyBuy?

EasyBuy only gives out loans for Nigerians to buy phones on credit. They do not deal directly by giving out money. Do you want to borrow money, you can check out the list of banks that gives out loans in Nigeria.