Top 10 Mobile Loan Apps for Online Lending in Nigeria

Thanks to many financial institutions, there are many loan apps for online lending in Nigeria that give fast and quick loans for emergency and unplanned needs online. The most surprising thing about getting a loan from an online app is that it can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

With the advent of technology, getting loans online now is very easy and stress-free.

Whether you are a student, salary earner, or a business owner, you can access the loan, so far you have a smartphone and good Internet access.

Top 10 Mobile Loan Apps for Online Lending in Nigeria


As popularly called Pay later is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria. Pay later was recently rebranded to Carbon. It’s one of the most popular loaning apps in Nigeria with easy access to everyone. Whether you are a business owner, worker, student, or even employee, Pay later gets a loan plan for you.

Carbon grants easy and quick loans to Nigerians without any guarantor, paperwork, or collateral. You can apply for a loan on the app 24/7 a day.

With the Carbon app, your urgent need can be met, just go to the play store to download the app and follow the app instructions.

One thing about Carbon is you have to start from the minimum amount but as time goes by, your loan limit increases. Carbon’s app Is easy to use and navigate. You can also carry other transactions from the app like paying bills, transferring money, and also recharge your account with some discounts.


This is also one of the best loaning apps in Nigeria, which specializes in giving short-term loans to Nigerians. With the Fairmoney app, you can access as high as #150,000 with no collateral or guarantor. Just with your mobile phone, you can get credited within 10 minutes of applying.


This is one of the best Nigeria loan apps with a maximum loan credit of #100,000 and a minimum of #2000. With just a few steps on the Palmcredit app, you will be credited instantly. The app is actually easy to use. Palmcredit gives loans depending on the user’s repayment history and other demographic factors.

The faster you repay your loans, the more your credit score(use to determine the probability of a customer paying back) rises.

They also have good customer relations and other features which qualify them to be on this list.


The branch is also one of the best Nigeria loan apps.  They are faster, easier, and more convenient to use. Apart from giving mobile loans to Nigeria, they also extend their services to countries like India, Mexico, and Kenya.

With Branch, you can access up to #200,000 with a little interest of 1-21%. It’s to be repaid within 4-40 weeks depending on the amount loaned to you by the financial app.

Branch loan is categorized into Personal Loans, Travel Loans, Business Loans, Medical, and Emergency Loans. You can go for any of your choices depending on your needs.

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This is another Nigerian loan app that grants financial credit to Nigerians instantly without stress. Quickcheck as the financial institution name implies, grants quick loans and instant loans to customers without collateral or paperwork.

They mainly use the credit score algorithm in selecting and giving out loans. They give out as high as 200,000 depending on the amount and needs of the customer. Their app is also easy to navigate.


This is another Nigerian loan app with good customer service. They also give out loans using mobile loan apps and credit score algorithms.

With the Aella Credit app, you can get loans for your personal or business needs and repay back within 1 to 2 months.


Without mentioning Kwiki, the list of the best Nigeria loan apps won’t be complete. Even though Kwiki does not have an app, it has a website that performs all the functions other Nigerian loan apps do. As long as you have a good Internet connection with a smartphone, you can borrow money from Kwiki. Visit their website at to get started.

They process customers’ loans instantly which is to be repaid before 14 to 30 days.

Another great thing about Kwiki is that you can escape paying the interest rate on the money if you pay before 14days of getting the loan. Meanwhile, their interests are also low, it is 5% of the money you borrowed.

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KiaKia in the Yoruba language means “fast fast”, which denoted that the platform is one of the fastest loan apps in Nigeria. Like Kwiki, Kiakia does not have a mobile loan app. The loan is granted through its website.

The website is actually easy to navigate and friendly for users. One amazing thing about the website is that you aren’t left alone to apply for loans. A virtual Assistant is assigned to guide you through the process, any day, anytime. Visit to get started.


The list of the best loan apps in Nigeria won’t be complete without mentioning Renmoney. Renmoney is another financial institution that gives mobile loans in Nigeria mainly to small businesses. You can get as high as 4 million loan credits for your businesses with just 2.8% interest monthly.

You must have a business to qualify for this loan. Visit to get started.

10. MIGO

This is another Nigeria loans app that gives loan credit to customers instantly. Migo was formed by merging of banks, companies including some tech companies, hence they are financially buoyant to give out high loans.

With the Migo app, you can access as high as 500,000 instantly without any paperwork. Your BVN(is safe) and account number will be needed to confirm your identity. They give a little interest on the loaned credit of about 5-15% to be repaid between 14-30 days. Do you have unexpected expenses to fulfill? Are you in need of urgent cash? Migo is your sure bet Nigeria loan app!


With all the above-mentioned loan apps for online lending in Nigeria, your urgent need or bills won’t go unpaid. Even though these apps give loans quickly and instantly, there is nothing like a free loan. You will need to pay it back. Don’t borrow any loans you aren’t capable of paying back. Or should I say don’t borrow from them if you don’t have any urgent needs?

Endeavor to also read their terms and conditions before borrowing from those Nigeria Loan apps. Wishing you the best of luck with any loaning apps you selected.