Effective Ways to Save Money Every Month in Nigeria

Having a well-structured financial plan is of great importance and benefits in organizing personal and business goals. It is very important to harness effective ways to save money for future purposes especially for retirement and future investment purposes.

People save money for different reasons, some for a retirement plan, some for future investment, some to acquire properties, and some for security. Whatever the purpose there are few tips to consider and put in mind when planning to save.

1. Have Records of Your Expenses

Having and keeping proper records of your expenses is essential in planning to save money as these records will give you an insight into how you spend your money and with this, you can plan on what to forego on some you can save more.

2. Make a Budget

With a proper record of your expenses and proper bookkeeping, you can make a budget on how to spend your earnings and thus have a plan on the amount you can save monthly. Making a budget is very important if you must plan to save.

3.Planning to Save

It is important to have in mind that you will save the percentage of your earnings as this will make you certain of the amount you are saving monthly.

4. Set Saving for a Goal

While it is important to save, you must have a goal or plan on what you are saving for and the estimated amount of how much you will need. This will give you a direction and the purpose of saving will push you to save so that you can reach your target.

5. Use Cashless

If you intend to save, it is advisable to carry cash as little as possible. It is advisable to make your transaction automated, using ATM, POS, and online transfers to pay necessary bills is one of the best ways to decrease carrying cash about, thus reducing your spending.

6. Set Priority

In order to have the habit of saving, you must rank your spending and expenses. You must try to do away with unnecessary and frivolous spending.

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