Best Catering Schools In Lagos Nigeria: Top List

Need to know the best catering school in Lagos State? A well-reviewed list of the best catering schools in Lagos State for those seeking a career in catering or maybe you are just interested in the study.

We have seen a lot of situations where full-housewives or married women couldn’t cook for their families. The best way to make their cooking deficiency be a thing of the past is to enroll in a cooking school in Lagos.

Also, if you plan on venturing into a cooking business, either you want to start your own cooking school or you plan on starting a modern restaurant or you just want to learn to gain more knowledge then this is the right place to be.

Mind you, when talking about cooking school, this isn’t for women alone, we have wonderful male chefs, in fact, food made by males tastes much better than that of the female (just a popular assertion), you as a man can also enroll in a cooking school and WOW your kid(s) and wife.

As we all know, cooking isn’t an easy thing to do, there are many things to check when cooking, the combination of the nutrients good for the body, the timing for cooking, the right time to apply ingredients, garnishing, how to professionally handle utensils and many more.

No one will teach you all the aforementioned except you learn from professionals and to get in contact with the professionals you need to attend a cooking school, not just any school but the best cooking school in Nigeria.

This serves as an advantage for those residing in Lagos State, in the South-Western region of Nigeria, we have carefully made our research and selected the top best catering schools in Lagos to help our readers make the right choice of the best catering schools in Lagos where you can learn the best culinary practices.

Normally we do see people that study catering as professionals for cooking in hotels, events, hospitals, offices and so on, you should know that this course isn’t just centered on those we’ve listed alone as the usefulness of being skilled in cooking is way beyond that.

The catering schools we have listed here are not free, they have lecturers and they need to pay their staff and also handle the necessary things that need financial attention to keep the school running. You will be required to pay for registration and also for the issuing of your certificate. Note that there are some other requirements before you can be admitted.

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With the certificate issued to you, you can work as a caterer anywhere in the country and also you can use this to start your own catering business or catering school.

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In today’s post, we will tell you the best catering school where you can learn catering that meets up to international standards and also learn local dishes, these schools are certified and you will also find their address and contact details.

Reasons Why You Need To Attend A Catering School

You should know that acquiring skills of any kind might come in handy at any time, as the saying goes “No knowledge is ever wasted”, since you will also be certified by a chef then it is worth doing, see some of the reasons why you need to attend a catering school below:

  • You will become an expert in the cooking field

As long as you have attended a cooking school and has been certified by a chef you are seen as an expert in the field and also seen as an experienced continental dish caterer and also when in school you learn our local dishes, Chinese delicacies, Italian delicacies, Spanish delicacies, Indian and so many other countries where food is taken with high regard.

  • You have a chance of establishing your catering business
Once you are a certified caterer from any of the schools listed in this post, you are opened to a whole lot of business opportunities. You can easily establish yourself by starting a catering business. With this, you will be able to cook for a huge audience and so on.
  • To have access to a network of caterers

Having people who do what you do around you is always very important for any profession. You will be able to meet up with caterers as we never can say, this can also bring you jobs or when you have a bigger job that you need more hands on deck then you can bring in professionals of your kind. This will make your job easy.

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Top 5 Best Catering Schools in Lagos: Fees, Address & Contact Details

When it comes to getting skills of any kind Lagos state leads among every other state in Nigeria. In Lagos you get the best and also you are presented with options to choose from as we have a lot of schools or firms offering almost the same services. See below the list of best catering schools in Lagos:

#1. Pretty Dreams School

Pretty Dreams no doubt one of the best catering schools in Nigeria, it is a well-respected and top catering institution in Lagos State.  The school has produced top chefs or caterers in Africa and they have their branches in some areas in Lagos state. The school is located in Lekki area of Lagos around the Lekki Expressway at No: 35B Agungi-Ajiran Road, Agungi Bus Stop. Their registration fee cost just ₦5,000 only.

They also have another branch in the Yaba area of Lagos at No. 19, Ibikunle Street, Off University Road, Off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba Lagos. Here you are presented with options to chose from the short-term or long-term courses. Their official website is

#2. Yetkem Institute Of Catering And Hotel Management

Most of us have heard about YetKem catering school because of their adverts and teleclass. This catering school is also one of the best in the country as they are very serious with what they do, here you are not only presented opportunities to learn catering but also you have the chance to learn Hotel Management.

Yetkem Institute is a group of schools with a primary, essential, auxiliary school just as a catering foundation. Being run just like our normal school, they have boarding for those that wish to stay in the school environment and this will be so useful for those that don’t reside in Lagos state.

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Yetkem catering institute is located at NO. 1, Yetkem Avenue, Off Ajasa Command Road, through the New Ekuro Road, Abule-Egba, White House Bus Stop, Lagos.

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The tuition fee to pay as a student of Yetkem catering school is around ₦180,000 to ₦350,000.

#3. The Sense Of Taste Specialty Caterers

This is another great school you will love to attend, just as expected of a good school you have both theory and practicals of everything you are going to learn here.

Acquired skills will make you figure out how to make Chinese dishes and other country’s cuisine and you get creative just through your previous studies.

Sense of Taste Specialty Caterers school is situated at No. 12, Efunsetan Street, Araromi Bus Stop, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. You are presented with different culinary courses in this school and you get the direct training from lecturers.

Sense of Taste Specialty Caterers’ school tuition ranges between ₦85,000 to ₦200,000 based on what course you actually want to opt-in for and the time it takes to complete such a course.

#4. National Institute For Hospitality And Tourism

Here comes another one with Hospitality and Tourism added to it, in this school you learn a lot. You will be able to make a selection of courses that interests you and acquired the needed skills with certifications.

The National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism has its branches in most cities in different states of the country like in Lagos, Benin, Enugu and Kaduna. Their Lagos branch is located in Mushin at Moshalashi Bus Stop.

Registration form costs around ₦1,500 to ₦3,000 and the school is located at Tokumbo Alli Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos State.

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#5. DOF Institute Of Catering And Hotel Management

This is the second school that also offers hotel management. The DOF Institute Of Catering And Hotel Management is situated in Lagos state and the school is well recognized.

Their cooking styles have been one that every food lover would want and to cap it all you are presented with varieties of courses to choose from like computer training, catering, fashion designing, catering and hotel management.

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From the top 5 catering schools we have listed here you can’t make a wrong choice. Kindly make use of the comment box if you have any questions or contributions to make. 


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