Top 10 Finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore

Nigeria, being the Giant of Africa has beautiful cities with appealing amusement parks that have aesthetic domestic-looking appearances that will keep wowing you from morning till night. Herein, we provide you Top 10 Finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore

These amazing beautiful cities to be listed are urban centers that average Nigerians living in town and villages all long to visit.

Top 10 Finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore

Although every city in Nigeria is beautiful, the following are the top ten finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore. They are;

Finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore
  1. Abuja

The Federal Capital  Territory, Abuja is no doubt the finest city in Nigeria. Abuja is the most beautiful and developed city in Nigeria with exceptional recreation centers, luxurious hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, and others. Indeed it is the best place to live and do any kind of business.

  1. Lagos, Lagos State

Of course, Lagos is the second on the list of the finest cities in Nigeria You Need To Explore. Lagos, being a megacity, The Most developed state in Nigeria, has a lot of aesthetic scenarios and views which birthed it “Small London” by many Nigerian youths.

If you’ve ever been to Lagos, you’ll agree with me that the most beautiful part of Lagos to watch can be found on the Island axis. In fact, there are some locations on the mainland that could make first-timers breathless.

  1. Calabar, Cross River State

Those that have been to Calabar used to say it’s the finest city in Nigeria, well everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Calabar is very beautiful and the lavishness of the state government on it really worth it. It has many tourist attractions and destinations with in-depth security. Read Also: How to Travel Abroad From Nigeria

port harcourt
  1. Port Harcourt, Rivers State

With water and green sceneries, Port Harcourt is another beautiful state in Nigeria you must visit. The hotels there are top-notch and the night bubble light could make one go crazy. No wonder that’s why people call it the “Garden city”.

  1. Owerri, Imo State

There was a time Owerri was nicknamed the “cleanest city” in Nigeria. With beautiful artistic sceneries, Owerri is just too beautiful.

Finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore
  1. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

One of the most beautiful and secure places to live in Nigeria is Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom State. With a world-class football stadium built there, After Lagos and Abuja, Uyo should be the next city on your list.

  1. Kano, Kano State

One of the beautiful cities in the Northern part of the country is Kano. After Lagos, Kano is the second city in terms of commerce and it has many tourist attractions places that will give you goosebumps.

  1. Akure, Ondo State

The sunshine state underwent a face-lift and ever since then, its beauty is one of a kind.

Finest Cities In Nigeria You Need To Explore
  1. Kaduna, Kaduna State

After Kano, Kaduna is the second most beautiful city in the North. As Lagos is the dream city of the rural Southerners so is Kaduna in the North. Kaduna is beautiful and its roads are magnificent too.

  1. Warri, Delta State

Warri in Delta State also makes the list of the top ten finest cities you should explore in 2020. People used to rep Asaba ahead of Warri before but the latest refurbishment of Warri really unravels its beauty.

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