Gele Styles You Can Try Out For You Occasions

Elegant Gele Styles for every African Woman:

Women naturally are beautiful creatures, having the opportunity to style in different fashion made is another beauty on them.

Note that there is one thing that cannot be taken away from women, It is called ‘Fashion’.

Like I used to tell people, “every woman is beautiful and unique,” “And if you have ever thought that a lady is ugly, please do let her loose to fashion, and you will prove yourself wrong.”

Every part of a woman’s creation is beauty when now adorned with external touches and fabrics, you can make the most of the beauty out of that woman.

Gele is the popular word used for ‘Female Head ties’, it is an accepted term everywhere now to describe African women’s head tie.

Having a beautiful, well made Gele on your woman’s head can sometimes get you confused if she is the one or not. It has a way of making women look elegant and awesomely beautiful.

See below some latest selection of Gele Style you can try out;

Gele Gele Gele Gele Gele Gele Gele

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10 Natural Foods That Help Lower Blood Sugar

The prevalence of Diabetes in many countries of the world is alarming and on the increase on a daily basis. our dear country Nigeria is not left and as such, we need to moderate our eating habits and eat more of foods that can help lower blood sugar.

Balancing blood sugar to some great extent is a matter of life or death, chronic high sugar levels are harmful to health, destroying major organs and blood vessels of the body causing a heart attack, diabetes (Type 2 diabetes), stroke, nerve damage, dialysis, blindness, and erectile dysfunction. However, high blood sugar levels can be reined over naturally through nutrition with the right foods.

Below is a list of the 10 natural foods that help lower blood sugar: 

1. Avocados

Irrespective of the high-fat content of avocados, they are still good. Avocados contain full mono-unsaturated fat, these monounsaturated fats help slow the release of sugars into the bloodstream prompting less insulin release. 

 In addition, avocados also contain beta-sitosterol- the compound that helps quell inflammation after an intense workout. Eat just one avocado at a time to avoid a calorie overload. Continue reading….


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