How to Contract Court Wedding in Nigeria

Contract Court Wedding in Nigeria

Apart from the two religious marriage that’s very common in Nigeria, there exist court marriage, too which some intending couples do patronize. here, you will learn How to Contract Court Wedding in Nigeria as done in other countries of the world.

Hence, if you’ll be conducting your marriage in the court registry as well, you’ll need to study and understand the following procedures.

But before then, be informed that there exist two Federal registries in the whole of Nigeria. And that’s in Abuja and Lagos. The one located in Abuja covers the whole of the North and the Lagos based one covers all the southern parts of the country.

However, apart from these two Federal registries, there are other registries across Nigeria too, operating under the auspices of the states and local government. This is to ensure easy access for the intending couples who may want to contract court marriage.

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The following are however the required steps to follow in contracting court marriage in Nigeria. Before we dive right into it, help answer this question- My Woman Did Abortion 3 Times With Another Guy – Should I Still Marry Her?

  1. Agreement of The Mind

Of course, the first step to contract a court wedding in Nigeria start from the agreement or consent between the two intending adults.

After the agreement, the can proceed to the court registry together with two colored passports to declare their intentions.

The court will, therefore, provide you with a form to fill and submit. Usually, I’ll be pasted on the court notice board for a period of 21 days.

After the 21 days and the court is satisfied that you’ve met with the requirements. These requirements include:

  • That one of you is a resident of the district court to contract the marriage;
  • That both parties are 21 years or a consenting letter from the parents or guardian of the intending couple;
  • None of you is presently married to another person customarily;
  • That no hinderance or affinity or kindred impediment to the marriage.
  1. Affidavit

After the court is satisfied that you met the requirements, you’ll then be sworn on an oath of an affidavit. Of which all the criteria above we’ll be read to your hearing.

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Remember that there’s a penalty for lying on oath, the register will reiterate the above requirements together with the penalties to you.

Then, the registrar will sign a declaration that the couple understands the implications of contracting court marriage and they’ve satisfied all the required.

  1. Issuance of Certificate and Picking a Date for Wedding

So, the register will issue out a certificate to the couples and grant them his license known called Form D.This form D means the couples are permitted to celebrate the marriage.

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So the couples have the privilege to pick a date for the wedding within 3 months.

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  1. Wedding

After fulfilling all the requirements and the wedding has been set within the 3 months. The next thing is for the couples and their well-wishers to show up on the wedding day.

Remember, the cannot be more than 30. Then, the couples will be issued a certificate of marriage and the merriment will continue.

However, it is not a must to celebrate the Union in the court, the couples can go to anywhere for the celebration.


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