Help Me, Mast*rbation Is Killing Me – Lady Cries Out

As a man, whenever I hear the word mast*rbation, I assumed it to be a challenge peculiar to only men, not knowing that women too get affected with it.

The disturbing act has frustrated a young lady and made her forget all her ego and pride to publicly seek the advice of people on her Facebook page on how she could stop the addiction.

The young lady whose name as identified on social media as Qwin Barny stated that the disgusting act is killing her slowly and that she needs help to stop it.

See her post below;

Mast*rbationHowever, some social users encouraged her to get busy with activities which could help her, while others suggest that she go spiritual.

But in your Opinion how can Qwin Barny Stop Mast*rbation? Your Answer can help her in the comment box below.

Meanwhile, a young lady who happens to be a nurse has said on the social media that she has seen more male organs that prostitutes.

She wrote in her caption, “I have seen more dicks than Prostitutes,” and people are wondering if she is sharing from her work experience, a possibly from her personal dealings with men to have seen a higher number of the male organ than even those who are known as call girls.


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