I Have Seen More Dick Than Prostitutes – Says A Lady (Photo)

Meet The Young Lady who has seen more male organs than Prostitutes:

Just when you think you have heard, seen enough, gbam! somebody will just come from behind with a shocking statement and leaves you wondering if they ever have anything call shyness.

This was the case of a young lady who by her dress and photo caption happens to be a nurse, but a nurse with a talking statement.

What do I mean by ‘Talking Statement?’ Hmmm! the young, fair in complexion lady who reserves no shyness in their dictionary took to the social media page and posted her photos with a caption that has got everyone talking.

She wrote in her caption, “I have seen more dicks than Prostitutes,” and people are wondering if she is sharing from her work experience, a possibly from her personal dealings with men to have seen a higher number of the male organ than even those who are known as call girls.

The beautiful lady whose name was identified as Myzz Trudy Boroni, added in her post that she is proud to be a nurse.

See the Post below;


Hmmmm! This one get as e be sha.


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