How To Apply For Pre-Paid Meters in Lagos: Step-by-Step

This article contains a step-by-step guide on how to apply for pre-paid meters in Lagos either online or physically.

The use of Pre-paid has really helped a lot of Nigerians track their electricity usage. Despite its popularity, some households are yet to get their own.

Some believed you must have connections with the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company(IKEDC) workers before you can get a Pre-paid meter. This is wrong, you can apply and get pre-paid meters on your own.

Before we explained in detail how you can apply for Pre-paid meters, let’s explain what a Pre-Paid meter is.

What is a Pre-Paid Meter?

A Pre-Paid meter is what enables the “pay as you go” method. Getting a Pre-paid meter makes it possible for you to buy the exact amount of electricity to be used. It allows you to monitor and control the amount of electricity used by your home or shop. Unlike the Post-paid plan where the PHCN can bring any amount, they deemed necessary for you.

The following factors should be considered before applying for a Pre-Paid Meter.

Factors To Consider before applying for a Pre-Paid Meter

1. You must have a shop or home where you intend to use the meter

2. You must have an account(of electricity used) with them already

3. Ensure you have no outstanding bills with them or paid in installments following IKEDC’s guidelines.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How To Apply For Pre-Paid Meters

Before you can apply for pre-paid meters, you need to meet the above-mentioned factors. You can then proceed to apply for pre-paid meters using the following steps

1. Visit this to apply for prepaid meters in Lagos online

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Contact Us”

3. Press the “Request for Pre-paid meters” option to apply for a Pre-paid meter.

Or Visit the nearest IKEDC company and request the form to apply for a Pre-paid meter.

4. Fill in the necessary details including;

  • Your account number which you used to pay your Electricity bills and (not bank account number).
  • Name of the account
  • Address where the pre-paid meter will be used
  • State and districts
  • And other information required

Note: To apply for Pre-paid meters is FREE even though you will pay for the Pre-paid meter itself.

The single-phase Pre-paid meter is N38,850 while a 3 phase Pre-paid meter costs N70,350 including every miscellaneous. Your Pre-paid meter should be ready within 60 working days or more after application depending on the branch you applied to.

We hope you find our guide on how to apply for a Pre-paid meter in Lagos useful.