How To Be A Paga Agent: Full Step-by-step Guide

How To Be A Paga Agent

How can I become a Paga Agent? Paga is a popular Nigerian online payment platform that makes payment transactions quick and flawless. Paga also offers various services of which you can send or receive money, pay your utility bills, buy airtime and also send airtime online.

So if you have been searching online for how to become a Paga agent then you are on the right blog as we have provided a well-detailed post on how to be a Paga agent.

Here we will be showing you a complete guide on how to make money while you provide a Paga service to people.

We all complain about the lack of jobs in Nigeria but there are many opportunities that are being ignored, one of them is being a Paga agent. With this, you become self-employed and earn while you carry out the service in a physical shop or even online.

Your job as an agent includes you helping people to send money or withdraw cash, buying and sending airtime credits, retail payments, cable TV eg DSTV/GOTV subscription payments and many more.

This article is specifically made for those interested in becoming an agent and we will be answering every question you might have on the requirements, benefits, and commission structure.

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Benefits Of Becoming A Paga Agent?

What are the benefits of being an agent with Paga:

  • You get a commission for every transaction made through you.
  • The more the number of transactions made, the more your earnings.
  • Get increased foot traffic to your existing business, i.e. you get your customers to know about other things that you do or things you can do.
  • You become eligible for high-quality training by Paga and its partner affiliate companies.

How To Become A Paga Agent

Follow the below steps below;

  • Visit Paga official online registration platform for agents on Paga Agents Registration Page.
  • Type your name and valid phone number then click Continue.
  • Fill every necessary information on the agent application form then submit your application for review.
  • Immediately your application has been reviewed, Paga officials will contact you on the next steps.
  • Congratulations! you’re now a Paga agent.

You need to be aware that you have to undergo some basic training on how to use the Paga software and every other thing needed.

Paga will send you the information about the venue and date for training immediately after the application approval.

If within a maximum of two weeks and there is no information from Paga then you need to contact them via the official email specifically created for Paga agents [email protected].

FAQ On Being A Paga Agent

How much does it cost to be a Paga agent? – This attracts a small one-time fee of is free, you are not required to pay a dime N20,000 only.

What are the benefits of becoming a Paga agent? – There are commissions set for all agents on every transaction being made through such agents.

How much do Paga agents make – There is no limit to how much you can make as an agent, it solely depends on the number of sales/transactions made.

How much do I need to have in agent account as startup capital? – You have no maximum or minimum startup as it depends on your budget, but always cool to have a reasonable amount on your agent account.

How do I fund my Paga agent account? –  You can easily fund your Paga account via the following; Bank deposits, instant bank transfer, GTBank 737 banking, GTBank collections, NIBSS e-Bills Pay, and other Paga agent outlets.

Will I get branding materials from Paga as a new agent? – Immediately your account has been fully approved by Paga, you will be eligible to receive branding materials like customized Paga banners, Paga logo, T-shirts and many more.

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Working as an agent has placed you in the categories of self-employed Nigerian, you need not worry about seeking for job s as you can input much energy on what you’ve got and then make your Paga business big.

You can take advantage of rural areas where there are little or no banks, these are the best place to grow big quickly.

If our steps have made you become an approved agent kindly share with others and also if you love this post or there is any addition you will love us to put into this content kindly use the comment box.


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