How to Cure Mouth Odour Permanently

Mouth odour (halitosis) or bad breathe as we may call most often occurs as a result of bacteria build up in the mouth which may have been caused by decayed food or poor dental care.

Causes of mouth odour may include

1. Dry mouth: When the mouth has an inadequacy of saliva, it often leads to bad breath. This occurs even with people who brush regularly.

2. Eating foods with a strong odour like garlic or onion and other meals that are not properly chewed.

3. Poor oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene may be irregular brushing habits or irregular visits to the dentist for mouth checkup.

4. Medical problems. This may include gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes,  and respiratory tract infections.

5. Problems with the internal organs may also result in bad breathe:-

There are however certain issues of mouth odor that may not have been a result of poor oral hygiene or medical problems.  Mouth odour may be short-lived probably due to closing the mouth for a long period of time. But some others are very persistent and these often are as a result of gum diseases.

However, bad breath could be subjected by:-

1. Proper oral hygiene:-

Even though, some halitosis issues may not be as a result of proper mouth hygiene. It is also very pertinent to take proper care of the month.  (Tongue, teeth, and gum). While brushing, take the time to go up and down the teeth and the tongue also. Most mouth disorders are not caused by the teeth but by the tongue and the gum- Brush twice daily.

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2. Drink enough water:-

By drinking, plenty of water mouth odor may stay long away. It’s a good preventive measure for halitosis.  Drinking more water helps the salivary gland to produce more saliva and as such neutralizes bad breath and reduces the bacteria level.

3. The use of mouthwashes:-

 More than often, it’s advisable to go with mouthwashes for even when on proper brushing habits.  Mouthwashes contain antiseptic agents such as the cetylpyridinium chloride and this helps to reduce bad breath that may be caused by oral bacteria.

4. Eat lots of vegetables:-

 Asides body build up. Vegetables play a
role in controlling halitosis.  Vegetables such as cucumber increase salivation. They help to remove plaques on teeth and gums.

5. Chewing gums:-

 Gums are also helpful measures in saliva production. Chewing gums can also help increase saliva production and bring down bacterial infection that leads to halitosis.

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6. Taking other fruits like lemon

( which helps to reduce acidic content and prevent bacterial growth) apple cider vinegar,   (having antibacterial and antiseptic properties). Cinnamon and other fruits like the banana, pineapple, fennel seeds,  apple, berries,  cucumber, and even honey may help reduce/inhibit bacterial growth and reduce mouth odor.

Quit smoking, smoking is another reason for a rise in the bacteria growth,  they affect the gums and maybe a lead cause in halitosis. A regular dental checkup. Above all, it should be at our minds that constant regular checkup for at least 6 months is required. It is also advisable to do away with  toothbrushes after using them for 3 months


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