How To Download Videos From Youtube by adding SS

How to Download video from YouTube by adding SS. Do you know you can download video from YouTube by adding SS to the link without downloading any external app or file extension? This article will show you how to download videos from youtube using the SS trick to your phone directly.

Fortunately, it works for all smartphones, iPhones, and PC. You are also able to choose which formats you want the video to be downloaded to(whether MPEG, MP3, MP4, FLV, and so on). It’s free and quite easy to use! Below is a full guide on how to achieve your SS youtube video download.

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Steps to Download Youtube video by Using SS

To use the SS youtube video downloader trick, you don’t need any additional app except your phone with an internet connection.

Follow this step below to download the youtube video by Using the SS trick.

1. Launch your preferred browser

2. Visit the youtube by pressing on your search engine

3. On getting to the video website, search for the video you wanted to download using the youtube search box.

4. After finding it, click on the video to play before pausing it.

5. Scroll up to the Video URL link and add SS after the www.
For example, to download this video after scrolling up to the link;,
I will add SS to give this

6. Then press enter or search after adding SS to the link

6. You will be directed to a page on the website where the information on the video you wish to download will be displayed.

7. You can then choose the format you want the video to be downloaded too.

8. Then download it using the SS youtube video downloader.

That’s quite easy, isn’t it? You can now download videos from youtube by using SS trick without any app as long as it’s not restricted.

In case you want to use an external app without using the SS youtube video download trick, follow the listed below steps

How To Download Youtube Videos With An External App

There are many various youtube video downloading the app. But for this article, we recommend Vidmate even though you can choose to stick to another app.

1. Download the app from Playstore

2. Launch the app on your phone

3. If you have the link to the video you want to download, paste it on the search box and proceed.

4. But if not, use your search box to locate the video.

5. Click on the video once it’s found and click on the download icon


6. Choose the resolution or format you want and your video will be downloaded directly to your phone.

With the above guide, you should be able to download videos from youtube by adding SS or using an external app. We hope you find this guide useful!


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