How to Fight Bad Breath : 7 Emergency Measures

How to Fight Bad Breath : 7 Emergency Measures

In today’s post, we will quickly check out the 7 emergency measures on how to fight bad breath. Suppose you take a “breath test” on the way to an important meeting and fail. Don’t worry – the following quick suggestions can help you master your bad breath.

If the foul-smelling bacteria seem to like your gums, tongue and teeth, you need to adopt some daily habits in order to eliminate them.

From then on, special rinses, attention to toothpaste, frequent flossing and regular brushing will make your breath pleasant.

How to Fight Bad Breath – Emergency Measures

7 tips to end your bad breath once and for all:

1. Drink water

Dry mouth is a haven for bacteria which usually cause bad breath. So, look for a faucet and rinse with water, which will temporarily dislodge the bacteria and make your breath more pleasant. 

2. Chew parsley

At the end of your business lunch or romantic dinner, chew the sprig of parsley that decorated the dish. Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, a well-known deodorant for breath, and has a germicidal action. 

3. Eat orange

If you have an orange at your fingertips, peel it and eat it. The citric acid contained in it will stimulate your salivary glands and activate the flow of saliva, refreshing your breath. If there are no oranges close by, eat what is available, except for some foods that are known to damage your breath, such as garlic, onion or strong-smelling cheese. Eating stimulates the flow of saliva, helping to eliminate the material that accumulates on the back of the tongue and causes a bad smell.

4. Rub the tongue

Rub your tongue vigorously against your teeth. The tongue can be coated with bacteria that ferment proteins, producing gases that smell bad. Rubbing your tongue can dislodge these bacteria so that when you wash your mouth, you can eliminate them with water.

5. Use a spoon

Use a tongue cleaner (found in drug stores) or a spoon. Scrape the tongue with the instrument backwards. Repeat 4 or 5 times. Scrape the sides of the tongue too, with the same backward movement. Do not place the instrument too close to the throat, as this may cause vomiting.

6. Suck a carnation

Cloves are rich in eugenol, a powerful antibacterial. Chew one of them. Its stimulating aromatic oil can burn a little, so move the clove from side to side of the mouth. Continue to chew it until the essence takes over the mouth, and then discard it. Do not use clove oil or powdered cloves, as they are very strong and can cause burns.

7. Bet on the spices

Chew fennel, dill, cardamom or anise seeds. These spices can kill bacteria that grow on the tongue and help to mask halitosis.

⇒ How to detect bad breath? 

To find out if you truly have bad breath, cover your mouth with cupped hands, breathe out hard and smell it. If it is bad for you, it will be bad for others. You can also test with a piece of dental floss after gently passing it between your teeth.

But, if you think you may have lost sensitivity to your own breath, ask the dentist to test you with a halimeter, a device that measures the sulfur content in your breath. It is this substance that causes a bad smell and our tips on how to fight bad breath should help.


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