How to Get AdSense Approval Within 24Hours

AdSense approval isn’t that easy especially to the new bloggers or site owners, also some blogger has been requesting for months still no success.

I’ll be teaching you a few steps to take so as to get your AdSense request approved within 24hours.

AdSense is an advertising company by tech giant Google which also offers publishers a platform to earn while advertisers advertise through them.

This platform has been a source of joy to millions of bloggers as its a stable source of income for most bloggers and website owners.

Very sure if AdSense should fold up thousands of youths would subscribe to crime and we have the world crime rate increase.

It isn’t alien that AdSense contextual ads are best-paying Ad program for Bloggers and website owners so this article is what most blogger has been yearning for.

A few days ago I published “How to Increase AdSense Earnings and Clicks” which has gotten so much attention, it will certainly be needed by you once your AdSense account gets approved by tomorrow so take note of this post.

Also, there’s something I discovered too, AdSense hardly approves Africans and other continents unlike Europeans and the highly developed continents, am sure they have their reasons for this though.

Though, it’s not always true in the sense that if you have created a quality Website, you can always get an approved Adsense account easily.

This has been the reason for this article, to show you simple steps to take so as to make your site qualified for approval.

Anyhow it is we will always find our way to make things work, that’s why it is good to be tech-savvy and observant.

Google Adsense has some strict account approval policies, and one of them is blog should be six months old, this is true and also not always true because I’ve gotten AdSense approved for many bloggers within the space of two months.

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Even if your blog is just a few days old, you can get it approved for an Adsense account and start earning immediately.

I also discovered Blogspot bloggers are the major victim of this, but if you have your About-Us, Disclaimer, and Privacy-Policy coupled with your main menu available you stand the chance to get AdSense approved easily.

Not only that you have to read and execute the points am going to highlight here for a better result.

So without wasting much of our time, let’s go straight to the reason why you are on this article.

How to Get AdSense Approval Within 24 hours

1. Custom Domain

This is a very important thing in getting your AdSense approval, you are expected to get a top-level custom domain like .com, .net and so on.

This would be the first thing the approval team would focus on before taking their time to check other things on your site.

Once you are using or other domains that are not custom they ignore your site instantly.

So you must get a custom domain which serves as the first step to getting approved for Adsense.

2. Contents

Ensure you have at least up to 20 – 30 well-written unique posts on your blog, i.e not a copy and paste post, you have to write this yourself even if you intend to do copy and paste, you can do that after approval.

Most bloggers just copy and paste some posts and expect to be approved on Adsense, it doesn’t work that way bro.

You should take your time to write the first 20 posts and publish them, then you are on the verge of getting approved.

3. Top Menu Nav

This is very important, you are expected to have an About-us, Privacy policy, and Disclaimer page on your blog.

This is a must and also those pages must have contents on them, so take your time to write them too.

4. Side Bars

Ensure your sidebars looks clean and professional, this makes your site look bulky.

With this AdSense knows you are serious about business, your sidebars should speak volumes about your site.

5. Themes

This is the most important aspect of it, your theme should be clean.

This is usually the first impression, when you own a house that looks tattered, you definitely would have just a few visitors and admirers.

But when your house is neat even if you ain’t rich people would love to pay you a visit.

This isn’t about colorful themes but a nice, simple, and clean theme that is SEO optimized.

We have thousands of them online both free and premium and you should get yourself one.

For WordPress users I make it mandatory you use a Newspaper theme, then after approval, you can change to any theme of your choice.

The newspaper theme is very neat and also loads faster, when your blog loads fast your posts easily get indexed and your traffic will increase, this is known to Adsense as they want their adverts to be seen by many.

So I insist you use a Newspaper theme at first then you are free to change after approval.

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6. Images

The images or pictures you use on your blog must not be copyrighted ones, even if you wanna get your images on google make sure you edit them before uploading.

With the above steps taken into consideration am very certain you will be approved within 24-48hours, then you can now read “How to Increase AdSense Earnings and Clicks“.

This is what I do to earn from blog owners and it never failed me, so just follow those steps and then apply for Adsense.


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