How to Know if You’re in Love: 5 Signs to find out

Love is almost always more complicated than it seems, that is why we educate you on how to know if you’re in love. Most people don’t even know whether they are in love or not. There are no exact rules when it comes to the heart. Because they say that, when you’re in love, you know it. Well, if you don’t know, then this article is for you.

Your heart beats faster. You can hear the blood pulsing through your veins every second. Every time he/she looks at you, you feel an explosion of energy running through you. Are you in love, how can you know if you are genuinely in love?

The fact that our bodies send us signals that tell us “these people can change your life” is not a big surprise. But how exactly does it work? Is it something we do unconsciously? No. Our brains and bodies tell us when we are in love. 

How to Know If You’re In Love

9jatoday asked scientists to explain the 5 physical signs that show that you’re in love and here is the response:

1. You find yourself staring

The eyes are what matters most. When you are in love, you involuntarily keep your eyes focused on the object of your affection. Human beings are naturally adept at eye contact.

2. You feel good

You realize that you talk hyperactively about the person. Being in love is like being drugged. Many of the physical symptoms are usually the same: increased heart rate, increased energy and blood pressure (most especially when you sight the person), and an inability to sleep or eat, mind you, you won’t get hungry. These symptoms will occur because the brain creates even more dopamine when someone is in love. The brain also gives more of the chemical norepinephrine when we are in love, speeding up the heart when we are nervous.

3. You will not stop moving

You will not just look for your boyfriend visually. You will also actively engage in close proximity to the person. This explains why flirting often involves curling or pulling hair. When we are in love, bodies involuntarily lean towards the beloved. This is a physical manifestation of the brain’s desire for emotional intimacy.

4. You won’t stop thinking about it

With high levels of dopamine, people think about their romantic interests on average 85% of the day. This is known as “intrusive thinking”. In the early stages of love, most people cannot stop thinking about their loved one and the other person becomes an obsession. If it occupies less than 40%, it is not really intense love. The level of obsession is often compared to that of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The decrease in normal brain serotonin levels causes similar behavior when someone is in love.

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5. Just him …

When looking for a partner with love in mind, we prefer the relationship to be long lasting. This means that we have strong feelings of love for just one person. On the other hand, feelings of lust are less about a specific person than about the s3x itself. When it comes to lust, a privileged relationship can be significantly less.

If someone is really in love with his/her partner, the desire for the emotional union will take precedence over sexual desire. This means that we seek sexual exclusivity with that person because we naturally expect reproduction.

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