Things You Learn Only After You’ve Been Cheated On

Relationships are getting increasingly difficult to maintain these days. its now a game of cheating and being cheated. In contrast to the relationships of the 18th-century present-day relationships are categorized by lying, cheating, killing, etc. However, this article is interested in cheating.

What is cheating? Cheating is an act of deception, fraud, trickery, unfaithfulness which is accomplished through dishonesty. Our focus in terms of relationship is unfaithfulness. Many individuals are misguided to believe that you cheat your partner when you have sex with another person, however, you do not need to have sex with someone else first before it is categorized as cheating.

Showing undue concern for a member of the opposite sex who is not your partner can be categorized as cheating even when the sex is not involved. Bad as it is there are certain life lessons one learns after being cheated on. Below I have listed three major things you can only learn when you have been cheated on.

1. You finally understand that sometimes love goes waste

The reality of this world is that some of our actions are rewarded and some are just wasted no matter how much you try. After being cheated you cannot figure out why it happened and why it happened to you. You cannot really get the answer to the major question you have constantly asked yourself after being cheated on, “Why me?” You can think about it all you want to look in every direction of your relationship but will not be able to find the answer.

Fact is You loved way too hard and way too much, you imagined the future and daydreamed about life with your partner, you gave everything that you had to give and you did not stop to think twice because that was your kind of selfless love. This type of pure and innocent love does not deserve an individual who cannot even be loyal or decent enough towards you.

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2. You realize that you are stronger than you always thought

When we are faced with a heartbreaking situation like cheating, we realize we have more guts and strength than we ever gave ourselves credit for and just enough to pull through all of it. I must admit it sucks and that it will hurt as much as you loved or probably more than you loved but do you not see what that means? It was not your fault! That thought should not even cross your mind, ever. Once we realize that the only mistake you ever made was being with an excuse of a partner. You become stronger than you’ve ever been in your life.

3. You become a better judge of individuals

You have seen too much, been through a lot and now you know what the real world has to offer alongside all the good things. You will finally realize that where there are good days, there are bad days and sometimes both good and bad in the same week.

You will now take every step of your life very carefully in your relationship issues so that you do not ever hurt someone like you have been hurt or will you give yourself away so easily to get hurt yourself. You come to understand the need for establishing each other’s importance and value singularly. This will allow you to eventually open up to loving and trusting someone else again.

In conclusion, cheating can teach you a lot of things that you will not truly understand otherwise, however, I honestly hope that you don’t have to go through it. Just in case you do, remember that the most important person for you at that moment is yourself, so value yourself and get yourself what you deserve as a person.

Do not hold grudges, no matter how much it hurts, believe in the law of karma. That might get you through the day but just let things go and let them become a memory in your mind and a lesson to your heart.


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