How To Link Your NIN With Your Phone Number

In this article, you will learn how to link your NIN with your phone number or SIM. Whether you are using MTN, GLO, Airtel, or even 9Mobile, this article will show you everything you need to know in linking NIN to phone numbers.

There has been a lot of outburst from the Public after the National Communication Commission (NCC) ordered telecommunication providers to block users that are yet to link their SIM with their NIN. The commission gives 2 weeks ultimatum for this to be carried out.

Unfortunately, some people do not even remember where their NIN slip is while some do not know how to link their NIN with another network provider.

Irrespective of the category you fall into, this article will show you how to link your NIN to any network provider’s SIM or phone number. But before we show you how to do that, let’s explain what NIN is and how you can get or retrieve it back if yours is lost.

What is NIN?

NIN simply means National Identity Number in full. It’s the unique 11 digits number given to every Nigerian after enrollment with the National Identity Management Commission(NIMC).

It serves as a means of identification of each citizen as their specific details including demographic data, fingerprints, face, and others are captured.

So, if you have registered with the NIMC, you should have been given your National Identification slip where your NIN will be displayed. It’s this NIN you are expected to link with your phone number within 2 weeks to prevent your network provider from blocking your SIM as ordered by NCC.

But in case you have forgotten your NIN or you have lost the slip, the below-listed steps will help you in getting it back.

Steps To Check or Get Your NIN Back

There are 2 methods you can use to retrieve your NIN back. It’s either you check it on phone or reprint it back.

Method 1 – Via USSD code

  • Start by dialing *346# on the phone number you used in enrolling for your National ID card
  • Press 1 to select NIN retrieval
  • Then your NIN will be displayed for you. Just save it on your phone for future use.

Note: Using the NIMC code service to retrieve your NIN will cost you an N20 service charge on any network you use.

Method 2 – Reprinting of Slip

  • Visit any bank to pay the N500 Remitta fee for the reprinting of the National Identity Slip
  • Take the printout of the payment slip to the nearest NIMC enrollment center and request for re-printing of the slip

Note: This is for people who have already registered with NIMC but lost their slips.

Now that you have gotten your National Identification Number(NIN), the next step is to link your NIN with your phone number. Below are different steps for all network provider users whether MTN, GLO, Airtel, or 9mobile to link their SIM with NIN.

For MTN Users

If you are an MTN user who wishes to link your NIN with your SIM, below are the different methods you can use to achieve that.

  • Via USSD code

1. Dial *785# on the phone number you wish to link

2. Enter your NIN as instructed

3. Wait for a confirmation message to show it is successful but if it shows an error, continue re-trying till it’s successful.

You can also dial *785*(your NIN)# to get the same response as the first method. For instance, if your NIN is 11111111111, just dial *785*11111111111# to link your NIN on your phone.

  •  Via MTN Website

1. Visit the MTN website and their linking platform by visiting:

2. Fill in the required details asked by the displayed NIN linking form including name, phone number, NIN, E-mail address, and so on.

With these steps, you will be able to link your NIN with your MTN SIM successfully.

Linking NIN to Phone Number for GLO users

For GLO users, follow these methods to link your NIN to your phone number.

  • Via SMS

1. By texting REG to 746

2. Press 1 to select NIN Capture

3. Enter your NIN and wait for the confirmatory message to show it is successful.

  • Call Customer Care Rep./ Visit  Office

In case you are not able to link your NIN after doing all these. You can visit their nearest office with your SIM Pack and NIN for linking. Or better still care about their customer care representative on what to do.

For Airtel Users

You can link or register your Airtel SIM with your NIN by:

1. Press *121# on the airtel line you wish to link.

2. Press 1 to select NIN Capture

3. Enter your NIN and wait for the confirmatory message to show it is successful.

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Linking National Identity Number to Phone Number for 9Mobile users

You can call their customer care representative for more details as they are still working on it and have yet to create any suitable method to link NIN with phone numbers.

You can link your NIN with more than one phone number or SIM card depending on how many you are using. Do you know any other methods that can be used to you link NIN with phone numbers? Share with us via the comments section.