How to Get an Export License In Nigeria

In our previous post, we discussed extensively the opportunities in the exportation business and we even gave our free business plan/ feasibility report on it to get you started. As a follow-up and in answer to some of your questions, we will be discussing the practical step-by-step guide to Get an Export License In Nigeria easily.

Exportation business remains lucrative irrespective of the type of product you export, whether an Agricultural product like better Leaves, bitter kola, soybeans, Crayfish, catfish, etc or you choose top export Mineral products, the earning potential is high.

However, if you intend to start an export business on a large scale then the need to obtain an export license from the regulatory agencies becomes mandatory.

How to Get an Export License In Nigeria

An Export License provides legal coverage for you and your exportation business and enables you to export governmentally approved export commodities.

In Nigeria, there are basically two approved government agencies commissioned to issue an export license and they are:-

  • Nigeria Export Council and
  • Federal Ministry of Solid Mineral Development.

For agricultural products and commodities, the Nigerian export promotion council is the regulatory body commissioned to issue an export license. But if you intend to export only mineral products then you need to head over to the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals development as they are responsible for licensing.

Registration Process

The registration process takes a little longer time than registration with C.A.C but is fairly easy when you have all the requirements which include:
– Certificate of Business- this is your certificate of business registration with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. The company you intend to get a license for must be fully registered.

Fully Filled Registration Form

Have applied you will need to duly fill out the form given to you with your full credentials

Processing Fee

This is the fee required for first-time registration.
With this above requirement, you can head to any office of the ministries mentioned above to start the process.

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