How To Refuse A Job Offer? Doing It Politely

Do you need to How To Refuse A Job Offer, but don’t know how to do it? Here are some tips to stay well with the company and not miss the opportunity to apply for future vacancies.

You applied for a job offer and got invited for an interview: that’s good news! It may also be that someone who belongs to the human resources section of a company has seen your professional profile on the Internet and is interested in you.

Regardless of the circumstances, you may find yourself in a situation where you will have to decline a job offer. How to do this properly while not giving a bad impression to the company that chose you will be discussed here.

There are several reasons why you may feel the need to reject a job offer. It is a bittersweet situation, especially if you signed up with great interest and recruiters want to hire you.

However, during the interview, you realized that the remuneration is not what you expected, there are no possibilities for promotion within the company or the hours do not fit what you need (either because you have children or other obligations).

The same can happen if you get a job opportunity at a company that is interested in your professional profile. In such cases, if the conditions are not right for you, it may be easier to refuse a job offer, or perhaps not.

How can you react in such a situation? Is it possible to reject a job offer without “closing the door” on future opportunities?

Don’t rush and think before you answer

In most cases, you will need some time to decide whether or not to reject the job offer. However, there may be situations in which you already know the answer clearly. For example, if you find it impossible to reconcile your hours with another job you are doing, the pay does not meet your expectations or the type of work they offer is unstable, then you may have no other options.

However, in order not to give a very sharp answer and to ponder better, it is important to think carefully. This way, you will know exactly what did not convince you and it will be easier to reject the job offer without making a bad impression. In fact, if the company is very interested in your profile or CV, they may even be willing to negotiate and give you better options.

Don’t wait too long to decline a job offer

The fact that you have to think hard does not mean that it should take you a long time to respond. This only indicates that you are afraid to face this moment and can generate a certain nervousness in the company that wanted to hire you. For that reason, the day after the interview or job offer you were asked, you should have an answer.

This will not only allow you to be well with the company but will be able to continue the selection process with other people who fit the position and the conditions it offers. 

Remember that even if you reject a job offer, other people may not do so and need the job as soon as possible. So don’t take too long to answer.

Give the reasons for your refusal

One of the last points To Refuse A Job Offer is honesty. Tell the company the real reasons why the job isn’t right for you. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, communicate it clearly.

Furthermore, if it is the salary that does not convince you, do not be ashamed to admit that this is the reason why you are refusing the job.

If you find it difficult to decline a job offer over the phone, do so by email. State your reasons sincerely and don’t forget to thank the company that took an interest in your work.

Thus, the company will know what your conditions are and, who knows, if in the future they have a vacancy that fits your profile and meets your expectations, they will put through a call to you.

Let go of the belief that it is always necessary to accept any job offer because it is something positive or for fear of not finding something better. If the terms don’t convince you, don’t hesitate. 


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