Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network

The business world is one that requires you to regularly seek measures that will boost your marketing or sales. Among the numerous marketing strategy, here is one that involves familiarity, trust, and relationships (could be but not intimate) is to build a business network.

Your business success does not only rely on your skill and professionalism but on who you know. That is why this article is centered on Networking Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network. Ensure you read through to the end to learn all that you can

Networking Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network

As you know, business psychology is that people enjoy doing business with those they are familiar with, like, and trust. Business networking involves making connections with individuals or groups who might refer business to you or mention your business in a positive way to people they know.

Also, it involves connecting with people who provide information or training and can be an excellent way of locating reputable salespersons to hire for your own business. Therefore, we have highlighted some vital Networking Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network below.

1. Be Social

It is important as a business person to be social which is one of the Networking Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network. What we meant here is that you should be present on social media platforms, especially the ones where you perceive your prospects are available. You can make use of social media sites and apps, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and online networking communities to grow your business.

2. Be Helpful

The next tip here is to be helpful especially by sharing your expertise and ideas. One of the ways you grow your business and get stronger is by helping people in your network get stronger, and they, in turn, may be in a better position sometimes in the future to return the favor making this one of the Business Networking Tips you should never ignore.

3. Build a Reputation

Building trust and reputation are essential Business Networking Tips that you cannot ignore for growing a strong business network. You can build your reputation as someone who is talented, helpful, and valuable. The truth is there are certain business connections that are unequivocally impossible to make until there is a high level of trust and reputation established.

4. Be Noticeable

Your business can never get to the peak of your dream if no one notices you. That is why you ought to maintain regular and consistent meet with people you want to stay in touch with and do business with. You can communicate with them via social media, email, blogging, and in-person.

5. Attend Business Networking Events

One of the ways to connect with a lot of people that will grow your small business network is to attend business networking events. This is one of the best Business Networking Tips that help you connect with those prospective clients/customers.

Go out, attend meetings and conferences, and events, go online, and reach out directly to people, workshops, and any other social gatherings. It is important that you should not be shy but bold to meet up with anyone you spot who would be a prospect or help you out.

6. Be intentional

Taking us further in our discourse in Networking Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network is your intentionality. Show how serious you are about growing your business by meeting your prospects and leads either online via the internet or offline in person.

And when you do, make sure to interact and build rapport with them. Likewise, share valuable content and spark interesting conversations.

7. Think Long-term

Another vital Business Networking tip that will help grow your business is to think long-term. Networking is most valuable when the relationship and connections you’ve made last long. That is why you should bear in mind that relationships take time to build, therefore you need to be patient and continue to stay in touch with people you like.

8. Listen

The ability to listen is a valuable asset and one of the strong Networking Tips to Build and Grow Your Small Business Network. People love to talk about themselves and they will come to like and appreciate it when you show a genuine interest in what they have to say.

Listening skills will help you learn about peoples’ interests, disinterests, and challenges. This will help you to know them better, and can ultimately lead to more productive professional relationships.

9. Ask

You definitely need your mouth and don’t act dumb when you go out for networking. The truth is you never know until you ask, much more than you think, you will get the answers you want. Ask for introductions. Ask persons of interest who you want to meet to meet with you. Ask for advice.

10. Conduct Follow Up

The last of the Business Networking Tips on our list is to conduct a follow-up. You need to follow up because networking produces good results when it is followed up, and following up with contacts builds trust, reputation, and relationships which will help grow your small business.

Also, following up also builds your reputation and adds to your value as someone who is persistent and keeps to his/her words. did anyone promise to help you out, follow them up?


We have come to the conclusion of having highlighted and discussed networking tips that will help your business to grow. Networking in business is not about asking for favors but creating trusting relationships and friendships with other businesspeople.

A strategic way to go about effective networking is by helping other business people with their needs. As a small business owner, you need to do all that you can so as to grow your business and business networking is one of the ways out.